August 25, 2015

Save the Date, Shape the Event: First Cloud Day @ UW

cloud in cyberspace

UW computing professionals, IT staff and researchers are invited to Cloud Day @ UW on November 12 to hear success stories, share best practices and learn about new cloud-based computing products from a panel of cloud vendors. Bruce Vincent, Chief IT Architect and Technology Strategist at Stanford, will deliver the keynote address. To help the hosts—UW-IT and the UW eScience Institute—create an informative and useful event, please take a short WebQ survey to weigh in on possible presentation topics. Save the date; more details to come.

August 11, 2015

New 2015-2016 Microsoft Campus Agreement on Software

Microsoft logo

The UW’s Microsoft Campus Agreement is renewed until March 30, 2016, with most software still available including Office, Visio and Project. Expressions Studio is no longer published, so no longer available. Visual Studio Professional is no longer freely available (due to changes from Microsoft), and must be licensed appropriately or removed from all UW computers by October 15, 2015. However, Visual Studio will be available through DreamSpark, which provides software for academic use at no cost but with some restrictions, and otherwise available for a fee. More details.

August 10, 2015

Make Your Videos Accessible With Able Player

image of video screen

Ensure your videos are accessible with the open-source Able Player, a fully accessible cross-browser HTML5 media player originally developed by UW-IT’s Technology Accessibility Specialist Terrill Thompson. Now available free from GitHub, Able Player supports closed captions, audio descriptions, interactive transcripts, chapters within video, variable playback rate and synchronized sign language.

August 8, 2015

UW Seattle Undergraduate Admissions Going Paperless for Domestic Freshmen Applications

Student walking by campus fountain

This summer, UW Seattle Undergraduate Admissions will begin using a new, paperless application review system for domestic freshmen arriving winter quarter 2016. The pilot of this smaller pool of applicants will help the office prepare to review the 37,000 freshmen applications (28,000 domestic) it expects to receive this fall for autumn quarter 2016. The new system, built on Dynamics CRM and Ellucian Recruiter, provides a streamlined process supported by online forms, electronic workflow and reporting dashboards, increasing efficiencies while reducing paper use. UW-IT partnered with UW Seattle Undergraduate Admissions on this effort.

August 7, 2015

Advancing High Performance Computing in Region: July Workshop Hosted by UW

map of Washington

How to advance the use of high performance computing (HPC) was the focus of a July 27 workshop that brought together more than 30 participants from the UW, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Washington State University, and was hosted by UW-IT and UW’s Hyak Governance Board. Participants explored opportunities for collaboration, including sharing supercomputers and other computational resources. A forthcoming report may outline possible paths toward a statewide alliance. HPC has helped the UW obtain more than $30 million in grants for research, and supports faculty retention and recruitment.

August 6, 2015

New Amazon Web Services Offering for UW Now Available

Amazon Web Services logo

UW researchers and technical staff in need of easy-to-deploy, cost-effective computing and related services, including virtualized servers, cloud storage, databases and more, now can use UW-IT Amazon Web Services. This new cloud-based service offering provides appropriate security, privacy and compliance terms for use with UW sensitive and confidential data (protected by FERPA, FISMA, and later HIPAA). It also qualifies for the UW’s new Indirect Cost (F&A) Waiver, resulting in significantly better rates for use of cloud services by research grants, and offers a waiver for data egress fees.

August 5, 2015

E-RESOURCE: Human Rights Studies Online

Photo of child in war-torn Burma-Myanmar

Human Rights Studies Online is a research and learning database of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide from 1900 to 2010, providing documentation, analysis and interpretation. The collection has full text searching of a variety of primary and secondary sources including 271 videos, over 4,000 books and government documents and websites covering more than 30 significant events such as the Holocaust and the Yugoslav wars. Brought to you by the UW Libraries.

August 4, 2015

UW Profiles Portal Honored; New Research Awards and Proposals Dashboards

UW Profiles portal page

The UW Profiles Portal, the single access point to a set of Web-based dashboards featuring core UW data, has received the business intelligence industry’s most prestigious honor—The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) Best Practices Award. The international award recognizes excellence and innovation in developing business intelligence, data warehousing and related data management applications. UW Profiles Portal provides a dynamic way to access, explore and understand core UW data through 21 summary and comparison visual dashboards, which now include research awards and proposals, as well as a searchable catalog and robust documentation.

August 3, 2015

Register for September Software Webinars Offered by UW POD

email graphic

UW students, faculty and staff can register now for software webinars offered this September by UW Professional and Organizational Development (POD). Two Managing and Organizing Your Email Inbox webinars are being offered, one for Microsoft Outlook users and another for Google Apps. In addition, two Excel webinars are scheduled: Microsoft Excel Techniques covers the fundamentals while Advanced Excel PivotTables explores a powerful tool for data analysis. Most are 1.5 hours for $65 and can be charged to a UW budget number.