Restart a Recording Upload (PC)

UW Tegrity users: Do not use Tegrity to create recordings after December 5, 2014 if you need ongoing access to the recorded content.

Follow these steps when your recording does not upload to your Tegrity account. This is usually indicated by a "pending" note in your Tegrity account.

  1. StepsActions
  2. After logging into Tegrity, on the computer where the class recording was recorded, locate the Tegrity icon in the system tray icon:Tegrity logo
  3. Right-click the icon and select Upload Recording.
    start recording
  4. The Tegrity Recorder will open. Verify that the correct account is logged in, and select the course to upload content into.upload recording
  5. Click the Browse button. The Browse for folder window appears, which allows you to select the recording you would like to re-queue. The default folder path where recordings are stored is opened by default initially. If it is not the default, locations are as follows:
    • For Windows XP
      • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Tegrity\recordings
    • For Windows Vista and Windows 7
      • C:\ProgramData\Tegrity\recordings

    Technical Note:

    Windows hides the Program Data folder by default, so users will need to open Windows Explorer for the drive Tegrity is saved to and follow these steps:

    1. Click “Organize”
    2. Click “Folder Options”
    3. Click the “View” tab
    4. Click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”
  6. Click the folder of the specific class recording (folders are by recording date) you would like to re-queue.  Click OK when finished.
  7. Click Upload Recording.
  8. The Tegrity Recorder will begin processing and uploading the class in the background.  You can check the status of the upload by right-clicking the Tegrity Recorder icon in system tray, and then clicking Check
    Upload Queue.recordings in upload queue

Last modified: December 2, 2014