Get Started with Tegrity Manager

Note: Starting Friday, April 10, Tegrity Manager will be available only for information (e.g., course names, lists of instructors, and lists of students). You will not be able to create new lists, make changes to old content, or delete content. Tegrity Manager will not be available after Spring Quarter, 2015.

Tegrity Manager gives you the ability to create Tegrity Courses and control membership. If you teach an official for-credit UW course (see course catalog), your courses will automatically show up in Tegrity, ready for lecture capture, with no action required on your part. Tegrity Manager is for UW faculty, staff, and students who want to use Tegrity for other purposes (such as, linking different sections of a course, faculty colloquia, student projects or groups, required staff training, and so on).

Note: UW-IT recommends using the most current version of Firefox or Chrome with Tegrity Manager.

  1. StepsActions
  2. Log in to Tegrity Manager using your UW NetID and password.
    UW NetID
    Welcome to Tegrity
  3. To create a new course, click Create New Course.
    Create New Tegrity Course
  4. Enter a name in the Course Name field.
  5. Enter UW NetID(s) and/or UW Group(s) in the Instructors field.
  6. Enter UW NetID(s) and/or UW Group(s) in the Students field.
    Create New Tegrity Course

Use Batch Edit Mode

Batch Edit mode allows you to add a list of UW NetIDs or UW Groups. Learn more about UW Groups

  1. StepsActions
  2. To use Batch Edit Mode, under Course Name, select the Add people using batch mode check box.
    Edit Tegrity Course
  3. Paste your list of UW NetIDs and/or UW Groups into the Instructor or Student fields.
  4. Click Save changes.
    Save Changes

    Note: After saving the Tegrity Manager course, you must log into your Tegrity account to apply your new custom course in Tegrity. In the upper right area, click Log in to UW Tegrity.

    Log in to Tegrity

Last modified: March 27, 2015