Share Recordings

Panopto course folders can be shared with people not enrolled in the course, such as teaching assistants, colleagues, and anyone outside UW. All Canvas permissions and courses are copied to Panopto, so there is no need to add people already in your Canvas course.

To share recordings, follow these steps:

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  2. Within your Panopto account, click the folder you want to share.
  3. Near the top right of the screen, click the Share button. Share Button
  4. To make the video available to viewers who don’t have a UW NetID, select Anyone on the internet.
    To make the video available to anyone with a UW NetID, select Anyone who can sign in to this site.Options for sharing a recording
    Note: Using the Anyone who can sign in to this site option will display your video in every Panopto account. All users will be able to see and view your video from their Panopto account. We strongly discourage use of this setting to prevent displaying videos irrelevant to most viewers and minimizing distractions in other users' folders. (Selecting Anyone on the internet will not cause the video to show in every Panopto account.) Learn more about using groups to share a recording.
  5. To add a teaching assistant or UW Colleague, enter the UW NetID in the space provided.  You will be provided with a list of email addresses (if the user has logged into Panopto before) or UW NetIDs (if the user has not yet logged into Panopto) corresponding to your user.Click the appropriate email address, select their folder access level, and then click Notify and share button. Add NetIDs for TAs
    “Viewers” can only view content in your folder. “Creators” can view content as well as make and delete recordings in the folder.
    The person(s) you added will now have access within their Panopto account to the course folder you shared with them.

Last modified: October 14, 2014