Migrate Course Content From Canvas (Non-UW)

Note: The steps that follow explain how to move content from a previous Canvas course that you taught at an institution other than the UW. If you need to move content from a Canvas course that you taught at the UW, please see Migrate content from a previous Canvas course (UW).

This process involves exporting your course to a file, then importing that file to your current Canvas course. The downloaded course file will have a file extension of *.imscc. This stands for the industry standard IMS Common Cartridge format. It is a type of zip file. You can change the extension from imscc to zip and treat it as any other zip file.

  1. StepsActions
  2. Log in to canvas.uw.edu and hover over Courses & Groups.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select your course.
  4. From within your Canvas course, in the course navigation, click Syllabus.
  5. On the right side of the screen, in the sidebar, click Export Course Content.
  6. On the Content Exports screen, select Course, and then click Create Export. Wait a few minutes while the content is exported.
  7. When the export process is complete, click Click here to download to begin the download process. The file will download to your hard drive.
  8. In the left-hand navigation of your new course, click Settings.
  9. In the right-hand sidebar, click Import Content into this Course.
  10. Near the bottom of the Import Wizard screen, click Import content from a content package or from another system.
  11. On the Migrate from Another System screen, in the drop-down list, select Canvas Course Export Package.
  12. Click Choose File and select the .IMSCC file that you exported in the previous steps.
  13. Click Import Course.
  14. When Canvas imports your course, you will receive an email message with further instructions.

Last modified: January 9, 2014