Request a Canvas Course Site

About requesting a course

You can request a course site in Canvas to:

  • Explore Canvas and see how it works
  • Create a program site for students
  • Create staff training or extracurricular workshops
  • Begin creating your course in Canvas before courses are automatically provisioned

See the Canvas Use Policy for more information about appropriate, supported uses of Canvas. 

Note: Official, for-credit courses that appear in the Time Schedule are automatically provisioned in Canvas and made available as early as two quarters in advance or as soon they are created by departmental time schedule coordinators. Such courses do not need to be requested.

Course Types

You can ask for three different course types: Future, Non-academic, or Test. If you want to experiment with Canvas, ask for a Test course. To build your course in advance, ask for a Future course. To create a Canvas course for staff training or program resources, ask for a Non-academic course.

The different course types have different permissions and settings. When you create a Future course, it comes with the same permissions and settings as a provisioned course in your academic unit. This means that the departmental administrators or curriculum designers who have access to help you with regular, provisioned courses also have access to help you with a Future course.

The same is true when you create a Non-academic course. It will have the same permissions and settings that have been set for your department or unit. Please make sure to include the department or unit in your request.

The Test course does not come with specific permissions or settings, so it is best used for your own exploration rather than something you want to share with others. No one other than you will be able to access the content in a Test course.

The Request a Course app is currently down for maintenance. Please send any requests for a course to, with "Request Canvas Course" in the subject line. Thank you.

Last modified: August 10, 2014