Use SpeedGrader on the iPad

Using SpeedGrader on the iPad makes grading even easier and more portable. Before you begin, you will need to install Canvas for iOS and SpeedGrader for iPad from the App Store.



After you have installed SpeedGrader for iPad, you can open it either by pressing Grade in SpeedGrader in the Canvas iOS app, or from your home screen. 

The overall process works this way: After logging into Canvas and SpeedGrader, you will select a course, select an assignment, select a student, then provide grades and feedback. 

To use SpeedGrader on the iPad, follow these steps:

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  2. The first time you run SpeedGrader, when prompted for a URL, enter, and then press Connect.
  3. Enter your UW NetID and password, and the press Log in.
  4. Each of your courses will appear as a notebook. The numbers on the red ribbon represent the number of ungraded assignments.
  5. To hide student names while grading (and to set other options), on the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Settings button (the gear icon).
  6. To begin grading, select one of the notebooks, and then select an assignment.
  7. When the assignment loads, you are presented with three options:


    1. Comments: Add and view text and video comments for the assignment.
    2. Grade: Grade the assignment.
    3. Open in: Send the assignment to another app for offline reading or in-text comments.

Last modified: January 8, 2014