Import and Convert Canvas Grades for Submission

The Canvas learning management system stores students' final grades as percentages. To meet the requirements of the University, these grades must be reformatted to the appropriate grade point scale before being submitted. Class grades can be values on the grade point (4.0) scale for undergraduate or graduate students, credit/no credit, or other grading systems used by your school or department.

The Import from Canvas feature in the online grade submission form helps you convert the percentage grades from Canvas into grades appropriate for the UW grading system. You can start by setting two or more points in the conversion calculator. The conversion calculator fills in the rest of the Grade Scale table for you. (Linear interpolation, a mathematical method for determining values on a straight line between two known points, is used to fill in the grading scale between the points you enter.)

To use the calculator to create a simple linear scale, enter the minimum score for the highest grade, and the minimum score for the lowest grade receiving credit into the calculator. Here are example values for an undergraduate grade point scale:

calculator example

You can refine the scale by adding rows and entering points in between the highest and lowest values.

On the Grade Scale table, scores equal to or greater than the minimum percentage score will receive the equivalent class grade. For example, if 97% = 4.0 is entered in the conversion table, then scores of 97% and 98% will both receive a 4.0.

If you prefer to work with a scale you have already developed, you can manually fill out the Grade Scale with the percentages that correspond to the grade points.

Import scores from Canvas into the online grade submission form

To import scores from Canvas:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Access GradePage at this address: To the right of the class name for which you want to submit grades, click Grade and submit. You will move to the grade submission page.
  3. At the top right, click Import scores from Canvas. A new dialog box will appear.
  4. Select how your total scores should be converted:
    • Undergraduate 4.0 grade scale: the lowest passing grade is 0.7 for undergraduates.
    • Graduate 4.0 grade scale: the lowest passing grade is 1.7 for graduate students.
    • Credit/No Credit
    • School of Medicine Pass/No Pass scale: includes Honors, High Pass, Pass, and Fail.

    When you select a scale to use, you will move to the grade conversion scale screen.

Tip: If your students are a mix of graduates and undergraduates, select the scale that corresponds with the status of the majority of your students. You will be able to adjust individual students' scores manually if needed.

On the grade conversion scale screen, you have the option to use the calculator to fill in the scale for you, or to fill in the scale manually. Note: CR/NC and P/F scales do not make use of the calculator.

To use the calculator:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Enter the minimum percentage to receive a 4.0, and the minimum percentage to pass the class.
  3. If you want to add additional points, click + Add a row and enter values.
  4. Click Apply. The grade scale will be populated. The rows that correspond to the points you set in the calculator will be highlighted.
  5. Adjust the grade scale as needed.

Tip: To change the selected grade scale, at the bottom of the calculator, click Change.

Note: If you have already applied the calculator or made manual changes in the grade scale, changing the grade scale type in the dropdown will clear all the values in the calculated grade scale.

To fill in the grade scale manually:

  • If you have an existing scale that you want to use, simply input the percentages corresponding to the grade points in the "Minimum score for class grade" column of the grade scale.
  • When all rows of the grade scale table have been filled in, click Review converted grades before importing at the bottom of the table. You will move to the review screen.
  • Review the grades to verify that the grade conversion scale you created has worked as you expected. To finish the import process, click Convert and import Canvas grades. You will be returned to the online grade submission form with the Canvas grades in place.
  • Click Review and Submit. You will move to the “Review” page.
  • Tip: If the Review and submit button is unavailable or disabled, either you do not have permission to submit grades, or some students do not have a grade assigned. Check to make sure that all students in the currently displayed section or class have valid final grades.

    To view a list of instructors permitted to submit grades for each section:

    1. StepsActions
    2. click the information icon in the upper right of the grade submission form.
    3. Once you have verified all the grades, click Submit grades to finalize grade submission. You will move to the confirmation page.
    4. To continue importing or assigning and submitting grades for other classes, click Back to GradePage. You will move back to the list of classes you can grade.

    Last modified: December 26, 2013