Create an assignment

To create an assignment in Canvas:

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  2. In the Course navigation, click Assignments. This takes you to the assignment page for your course.
    Note: You can also create assignments from the Calendar.
  3. Choose one of the two options below:
    a) Hover over the assignment group to which you want to add the assignment. On the right side of the screen, look for the circle with the plus sign, and click it.ClickAddAssignment
    b) Under + Add Assignment, choose the desired assignment group and click + Add Assignment. Learn about assignment groups.
  4. In the form that appears, enter the name, due date (optional), and points (optional) for the assignment. From the menu, select an assignment type.
    Note: A Not Graded assignment will not appear on To Do lists or Calendars in Canvas.
  5. Click Update to finish creating the assignment or More Options to specify assignment details and directions in a new page.
  6. In the text editor, you can enter directions for the assignment and provide additional information.
    HomeworkDetailsUnderneath the assignment description, you can set the due date and the number of points for the assignment if you have not yet done so. Leave these fields blank if the assignment is ungraded or there is no due date.To specify whether students can submit the assignment online, in class, or that no submission is needed, use the Submission Type field.To automatically send an email to registered students about assignment changes, select the Notify Users that this content has changed check box. Students will receive the email only if they have notifications turned on in preferences.To save the assignment, click Update Assignment.

Last modified: May 12, 2015