IT Academy Library Access Codes for UW Students

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Accessing Courses

Courses in the IT Academy are organized into libraries, which are large groups of courses sharing a similar topic. The available libraries are listed below.

To access and use courses in a library, find the appropriate Access Code in the table below and use it when you go to the MSĀ IT Academy site.

Note: In the past, access codes were for specific courses. If you are taking a course you signed up for using the old system, you will still have access to the course until its expiration date.

Access Codes for Course Libraries

Title Access Code Description
Academic All Technology Library 6339-students-8907 All available IT Academy content
Academic Digital Literacy Library 9875-students-7815 Digital Literacy content 6 courses, Note additional language versions of the Digital Literacy content is available at in a non trackable format.
Academic Dynamics Library 6119-students-2163 All available Dynamics IT Academy content
Academic Exchange Server Library 7755-students-3381 All available Exchange Server IT Academy content
Academic Office 2010 Library 8651-students-3262 All available Office 2010 IT Academy content
Academic Office 2013 Library 7472-students-7521 All available Office 2013 IT Academy content
Academic Office 365 Library 6668-students-8157 All available Office 365 IT Academy content
Academic Office Library 9587-students-1871 All available Office content from Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010
Academic Other Servers and Tools Library 8840-students-4733 All available Other Server and Tools IT Academy content
Academic SharePoint Library 7373-students-5810 All available Sharepoint IT Academy content
Academic SQL Server Library 6113-students-0600 All available SQL Server IT Academy content
Academic Visual Studio Library 7413-students-6338 All available Visual Studio IT Academy content
Academic Windows Client Library 7884-students-8192 All available Windows Client IT Academy content
Academic Windows Server Library 8473-students-2384 All available Windows Server IT Academy content
Partners in Learning: Microsoft Teaching with Technology 9942-students-2068 Professional Development opportunity, enabling educators to learn more about implementing technology in the classroom

Last modified: April 7, 2014