Digital Presentation Studio


The Digital Presentation Studio (DPS) is a space to practice presentations and record those sessions for later review. The recorded presentations are recorded and saved in your cloud storage or external drive as video files.

The DPS simulates the classroom presentation environment with an iMac connected to a 52" plasma display, and a small area for an audience. A mounted camera with a microphone records the presentation, and a simple control starts and stops the recording. Camtasia and Tegrity software is available to record the computer screen and audio. After stopping the recording, the presenter may edit the video. The video file can be saved to personal cloud-based storage, video sharing site, or external hard drive.

Locations and Hours

Location: Odegaard Undergraduate Library 334
Hours: By Reservation Only

Reserving the DPS

Use of the DPS is restricted to current students, staff, or faculty. To reserve the DPS, sign up at the first floor circulation desk in Odegaard Library, or use the library's online reservation system.

Using the DPS

Recording with Camtasia Guide

Recording with Tegrity Guide 

Recording Software

  • Camtasia
  • Tegrity
  • iMovie
  • Photo Booth


  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera + Microphone
  • LG 50" Plasma
  • iMac

Last modified: March 3, 2014