Media Transfer Service

Classroom Technology and Events offers a limited service of duplicating content from one media form to another. We take orders that directly support classes or special events in which we have provided equipment and/or staffing. This service is commonly used for moving media from VHS cassettes to DVD or digital audio or video recordings to DVD. Note: CTE does not have dubbing equipment so we are limited with the amount of copies we can make. Our policy is to create a maximum of 2 copies per original media piece.

Available To

Faculty, Researchers, UW Departments or Administrative Units.


Clients have the ability to have their classes or events recorded and saved for future reference. Instructors moving to modern technology can continue to teach with the same content in classrooms that have been upgraded to systems that no longer support old formats.

Key Features

  • Digital recording (audio and/or video) or file to DVD
  • Video Cassette Tape (VHS) to DVD
  • Up to two (2) copies may be provided


  • Media should be rewound (where applicable)
  • Media must be labeled with client Name and Phone Number
  • Clear instructions (sequence if more than one master, # of copies, date needed)
  • If material has a copyright, we must have permission from the copyright holder in order to complete the transfer


  • Fees for services vary; quotes provided with consultation. Base cost is $25 minimum per original.
  • Class requests are subject to charges

Getting Started

  • Contact CTE with request information, including information regarding original and desired duplicate format.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 206-543-9900, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Last modified: January 27, 2014