Web Development Environments

About These Systems

The Web Development Systems are your central access point for web publishing on Shared UW Hosting. They are fully-functional GNU/Linux servers that allow you to transfer files to the server using SFTP, and connecting using an SSH client to use a remote terminal on these servers.

This provides a highly-flexible web publishing system that supports the use of extremely customized applications. Using these tools, you can configure a MySQL database server, install a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, compile programs, and run scripts.  (Note that direct access to your MySQL server is limited to computers on the University of Washington network.)

Finding Your Server

The Shared Web Hosting service has different servers, depending on your affiliation type with the UW.

Generally, students will use vergil.u.washington.edu, and faculty/staff will use your_netid.ovid.u.washington.edu (replace your_netid with the NetID of the account you're connecting to). There are differences between these systems, and it is recommended to learn more about each one.


All UW students are eligible to use a shared web hosting development environment known as vergil.

Learn More about Vergil

Faculty, Staff, and Shared NetIDs

All UW faculty, staff, departments, and courses are eligible to use a shared web hosting development environment known as ovid.

Learn More about Ovid

Ovid Cluster Members and MySQL

  • ovid01.u.washington.edu: Not accepting new MySQL installs
  • ovid02.u.washington.edu: Accepting MySQL installs
  • ovid03.u.washington.edu: Accepting MySQL installs


  • Web Publishing must be active for your NetID in order to use these systems.
  • Users with multiple affiliations may be eligible to use both vergil and ovid.

Last modified: October 24, 2014