Pager Services via UW-IT Will End December 31st, 2014

UW-IT will retire the Pager support service (provided by the UW-IT Enterprise Service Desk) on December 31st, 2014.

Other Support Options

Smart Phones

UW-IT recommends the use of smart phones in place of pagers both because of their more extensive functionality and because they receive communication via both WiFi systems as well as via standard cellular connection. Smart phone services can be arranged by departmental administrators.


The company known until recently as USA Mobility has changed its name to Spok. Spok continues to be a provider for UW pagers. The difference as of the UW-IT pager services retirement is that UW pager departments will contract with Spok directly as follows:

  • For other questions/problems about your existing Spok account: or 888.413.7243


If you are associated with UWMC, you will want to contact Teleservices for all of your pager needs: 206.598.2300

Why This Service was Retired

The decision to retire Pager Services support via UW-IT was reached through a partnership with and recommendation by the IT Service Management Board, one of three University-wide information technology (IT) governance boards that provide advice on IT strategy, services and priorities. This change is in keeping with UW-IT’s mission to provide technology services in line with the University’s priorities.

Please send email to if you have any other questions.

Last modified: January 13, 2015