ADA Compliant Equipment

To Order Service or Questions: or call 206-221-5000

Amplified hand sets, TTY phones, and other devices designed to assist disabled users are available through the UW Information Technology Service Center. If necessary, such special equipment can be configured to meet individual user needs.

Telephone Handset Amplifier

The HA40 by Ameriphone can amplify the voice on the other end of your phone conversations, and is hearing aid compatible without generating feedback. The device connects to the handset on your telephone.

To purchase the HA40, send an email request to with a university budget number or call 206-221-5000. The one-time charge is $50, which includes installation and one 9-volt battery. Your department will need to supply replacement batteries.

Feature button instructions

  • Volume Control: Adjust the volume to the most comfortable listening level by moving the volume control slide switch.
  • Boost Button: Press and hold down the boost button for more amplification. It also eliminates any background noise and feedback by muting the microphone in your handset. You must remember to release the button when you speak so that the other party can hear you, then press and hold the boost button again when they speak.
  • Tone Control: Move the Tone Selector switch right or left to a position that allows you to hear clearly. This will give you the optimum speech clarity so that you can distinguish similar sounds such as "chair" and "share."
  • Battery Indicator: The battery indicator light comes on every time you lift your handset to indicate that the battery level is okay. If the indicator light does not come on, the battery needs to be replaced.

IMPORTANT: Always disconnect the HA40 from the telephone before replacing the battery.

When battery is drained, the handset will still be operable IF you move the volume control switch to the minimum position. While at any other setting, the handset will not work when the battery is drained.

For normal usage, an alkaline battery will last for 6-12 months, while a regular battery will last 4-10 months.


If any problem arises in using your telephone, disconnect the handset amplifier from the telephone. Re-connect the handset to the telephone. If the problem disappears, then your handset amplifier needs to be repaired. If the problem does not go away when you disconnect the handset amplifier, then the problem lies in your telephone or in your telephone line. (Contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at or 206-221-5000 for repair.)


Ameriphone will repair or replace your handset amplifier for one year from the date of purchase if the unit is defective in workmanship or materials. (Battery is not included in warranty.) Proof of purchase is required.

While the department would need to resolve the repair/warranty issue, the UW Information Technology Service Center can provide purchase information.

University of Washington TTY Resource List

(All numbers are in the 206 area code unless otherwise marked)

University of Washington Departments and Offices

ADA Coordinator
Equal Employment and Affirmative Action
Bothell Campus
V/TTY 425-352-5303
Campus Police
Emergency 9-911
Computing & Communications Basement Floor
Disability Services Office (dso@u.)
Disability Resources for Students Office (uwdss@u.)
V/TTY 543-8925
Equal Employment & Affirmative Action
V/TTY 543-6452
Harborview Medical Center (HMC) Interpreter Services
Odegaard Undergraduate Library References
Ombudsman Office
Staff Employment
Tacoma Campus
University Complaint, Investigation & Resolution Office (UCIRO)
616 4797
University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) Emergency
UW Extension
UW Information
Wellness Resource Center, Hall Health

TTY Pay Phones on Campus

Haggett Hall
V/TTY 545-9937
South Campus Center (Main Entrance & Third Floor)
V/TTY 545-9732
Schmitz Hall (Lobby)
V/TTY 545-9608
Student Union (first floor by stairs)
V/TTY 545-9900
UWMC (third floor)
V/TTY 547-9102

Community TTY Directory

AT&T Operator Services for TTY (24 hours)
1-800- 855-1155 or 711
Community Service Center, Deaf and Hard of Hearing
V/TTY 322-4996
Community Transit
Crisis Clinic
TTY 461-3219
Deaf/Blind Service Center
V/TTY 323-9178
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Job Accommodation Network
V/TTY 1-800-526-7234
Metro Transit Customer Service
TTY 684-2029
Qwest special services (8-5, Mon.- Fri.)
Seattle Personal Transit
V/TTY 781-8000
Seattle Public Library
V/TTY 386-4697
Voter Registration
Washington Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
TTY 632-3456
Washington State Human Rights Commission
Washington State Relay Service
TTY 1-800-833-6388
V 1-800-833-6384
Spanish TTY
Spanish Voice

Last modified: April 20, 2014