Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition and UW Exchange

Note: the screen shots are from Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition.

Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition

Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition (or later) is required for connection to services using Exchange 2010, such as UW Exchange.  The "Web Services Edition" upgrade is free, but optional and must be applied to Entourage 2008 by downloading and applying the update from the Microsoft Download Center.


To verify the version of Entourage installed is the "Web Services Edition", run Entourage and select "About Entourage" from the "Entourage" menu (top/left). You should see a window similar to the image below:


Be sure it says "Web Services Edition" (which will also be a version number of 13 or greater).

Initial Setup

To set up Entourage you will need an active Internet connection.

To start the setup:

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  2. Launch Entourage. On the Tools menu, click Accounts as pictured below:


  3. Click New, then select Exchange from the pop-up list.


  4. Enter your UW email address, and select the option for Exchange, as pictured below:

    • Enter the address in the form UW-NetID@u.washington.edu (replacing "UW-NetID" with the UW NetID you wish to use with UW Exchange, in the example a UW NetID of "myuwid" is used)

    • Select the option to use an Exchange server

    • Click the right arrow to continue


  5. Enter the Account Information, as pictured below:

    • For Domain, enter netid (literally)

    • For Account ID, enter your UW NetID

    • For Password, enter your UW NetID password

    • Make sure the Save password in my Mac OS X keychain box is checked

    • Click OK to continue


  6. After a short delay, you should see a window indicating the automatic configuration succeeded, as pictured below. Click the right arrow to continue and verify the setup.


  7. There is usually nothing you need enter here, but confirm the values found automatically by Entourage are similar to those in the image below - they will NOT match exactly, click the right arrow to continue.


  8. Click the "Verify My Settings" button.


  9. You should see (again) that your account settings have been successfully verified, click the right arrow to continue.


    NOTE! - if you are working from off the UW campus, and not connected via a "VPN", you will probably see a result similar to the image below instead:


    You may continue, but see the section (below) on working from off campus.

  10. In this (last!) window you can enter a name for the account, this is used only to identify the account for you within Entourage, as you may have multiple accounts configured concurrently.  It can be anything you like, but "UW Exchange" is suggested. Enter the name you prefer and click "Finish"


  11. Exit and restart Entourage which should now be ready for use.

Forward Your Email to Your UW Exchange Account

If you currently receive mail in a Deskmail or other account, make sure that your new mail is being forwarded to your UW Exchange account. See Forwarding Your Email to Your UW Exchange Account.

Using Entourage from Off Campus

Entourage 2008, even with the "Web Services Edition" update applied, may attempt to make "directory" (LDAP) lookups using the campus "Active Directory" service.  This is not permitted from outside the UW network (unless connected via VPN) and so will fail. This impacts the setup (as above) and will also impact directory lookups if done specifically as "directory" queries. It has no impact on your ability to read or send mail. Entourage will also, and usually successfully, find information about addresses you enter, or partially enter, using the "check names" function even from off campus. You may also use the Campus Directory via the Web and copy/paste that result into Entourage.

Create An Account For Your Deskmail

If you create an account for your Deskmail in Entourage, you can see your old Deskmail as well as your new UW Exchange mail. This makes moving messages between your Deskmail and UW Exchange accounts easy. However, NEVER DRAG FOLDERS! between accounts, move MESSAGES between FOLDERS, not folders between accounts.

Last modified: March 5, 2014