UW Exchange

UW Exchange is the University of Washington’s Microsoft Exchange service providing email, calendar, contacts, and task management. UW Exchange is offered as a service of Microsoft Office 365.

Who Can Use UW Exchange

As of September, 2014, the migration to UW Exchange as a service of Office 365 is complete. New UW Exchange users are currently being accepted in departments that previous had UW Exchange through the now-retired UW Exchange Local service. UW-IT is working towards General Availability of UW Exchange for all UW students, faculty, and staff. General Availability is provisionally scheduled for Fall 2015. Contact your local or departmental computing support team for more information on how UW Exchange is being used in your area.

When you leave the UW:

  • Current faculty and staff accounts are disabled. The files are deleted after the responsible IT support group submits a request to help@uw.edu to have the mailbox removed.
  • Faculty and staff accounts are disabled after 14 days.
  • Emeritus faculty accounts remain enabled.
  • Retirees are not entitled to MSCA services, but they may receive endorsements for services to facilitate active involvement with the UW community.

Your UW Exchange Email Address, User Name, and Password

The format of your user name and email address is:

your-UWNetID@uw.edu (where your-UWNetID is replaced with your own personal UW NetID) 

Your password is the one associated with your UW NetID.

Get Started with UW Exchange

Log in using OWA. Outlook Web App (OWA) allows you to log in to UW Exchange using only a Web browser. No other client software is needed. This is the quickest and easiest method for connecting to UW Exchange Online.
Log in using OWA | More information on OWA
Set up an email client for UW Exchange. Client software programs give you more control and better integration with other Windows applications. Some clients provide more features than Outlook Web App.
Set up clients

Key Features and Benefits of UW Exchange


  • Access to email, calendar, and other data from Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computers.
  • Easy remote access to email, calendar, and other data using client applications, web browsers, or mobile devices.
  • Integration of email and calendaring with Microsoft applications. For example, if you are reading your email remotely through a Web browser, you can view an attachment such as an Excel file, even if you don’t have Excel installed on the computer that you are using.
  • Microsoft cloud storage provides security and reliability.
  • You may store HIPAA and FERPA protected data.

For more information on Exchange features, see the Microsoft article Exchange Top Features.


  • No additional fees for UW Exchange.
  • HIPAA compatibility. Microsoft signed a HIPAA BAA with the UW for Office 365 Education.
  • 50 GB inbox.
  • Web access through Outlook Web App.

For details on UW Exchange, see the UW-IT Service Catalog.

Outlook Installed Apps Not HIPAA-Compatible

Both Outlook Web App and Outlook expose several installed apps to users and allow users to enable them, as shown in the following screen shot:


These apps send data to third-parties, and they are not covered under our BAA with Microsoft. If you are working under our BAA and working with HIPAA-protected data, do not enable these apps.

Usage Policies and Guidelines

UW Exchange is subject to University appropriate use guidelines and electronic records policies. For more information, see Usage Policies and Guidelines for Cloud Services.

UW Medicine Users: Before using UW Exchange for patient data, please see the UW Medicine guidance at Being Secure in the Cloud.

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Last modified: September 9, 2015