UW Google Apps Group Sharing


Using UW Groups With UW Google Apps

You can now use UW Groups to manage permissions for your UW Google Apps account. Using a group to share your documents, calendar, or site allows you to share with the same set of people without entering each individual UW NetID every time you want to share something new.

Please note: Despite having some limited functionality, the Google Groups App has not been turned on for UW Google Apps.  As a result, UW Groups can be used to control permissions, but they cannot be used as a basis for a Google discussion group.  We are working on activating the Groups App, but we do not have an ETA.

Getting Started

Ask about existing UW Groups
Your department may already be using UW Groups to manage other services at the UW. Be sure to check with your department's IT staff, or any other department administrators that may be in charge of UW Group creation. You may be able to use a group that already exists instead of creating a new one. Searching available groups is also a great way to see what groups have already been established. You may search for groups using the UW Groups service.
Establish a new UW group
If you would like to establish a new UW group, start at the UW Groups Web page.

  • It includes an overview of what groups are and how they are typically used.
  • If your department does not yet use UW Groups, learn how to choose a Home Group.
  • If you're ready to create a new group, refer to the step by step instructions.
Enable a UW group for use with UW Google Apps
Before a group can be used in UW Google Apps, it must be activated. To activate an existing group:
  1. Use the UW Groups service to find a group you administer.
  2. Click on the group you want to activate in UW Google Apps.
  3. Click on "Applications" followed by "Edit".
  4. Under "UW Google Apps", change the "Status" to "Active".

How to Share Using Google Apps

Once your UW Group has been setup and enabled for use with UW Google Apps, you can use it to control sharing for UW Google Apps documents, calendars and sites.

In each case, the email address for the group will need to be used in the sharing interface. Each group's email address will look like this:


The method used to share each item varies depending which Google Apps service you are using. Google provides excellent instructions for each method of sharing:

Please note: When you share with a UW Group using any of Google's products, the group itself is treated like a mailing list.  All permissions changes should include "email notification" when using a UW Group for sharing in UW Google Apps.

Additional Considerations

  • Nested member groups (a group within a UW Group) will not automatically be added to UW Google Apps when the parent group is activated. To ensure all member groups are usable in UW Google Apps, enable each of them for use within UW Google Apps.
  • Adding a UW NetID as a member of a UW Group will not automatically create a UW Google Apps account. If you share with a group that includes people without Google Apps accounts, then those individuals will receive an invitation from Google to set up an account.
  • Email addresses outside of the UW may also be used with UW Groups to grant access to UW Google Apps items.
  • UW Groups activated in UW Google Apps have the ability to receive mail like an email list. Settings determining who may send to a specific group, if anyone, can be adjusted in the UW Groups service.

More Information

Last modified: February 21, 2014