Conferencing Services


Self Service - Up to 6

Set Up A Conference Call Yourself For Up To Six Participants

The campus telephone system can make a three way conference call regardless of the type of telephone set being used. Digital telephone sets used to add participants, for a total of 6 participants.

Find conference calling instructions at the links below:

For More Than Three Participants
Conference calls with more than three participants may require special instructions. Call 206-685-6060 between 8 a.m and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, to schedule or obtain this information.

On Demand - Up to 30

UW Teleconferencing

UW IT provides an on-demand conferencing service on an audio conferencing bridge for up to 30 participants, without the need of a reservation. Organizations can hold on-demand conference calls, whenever they like, without paying per-use fees.

Advantages include:

  1. Easy to use, low-cost conferencing solution for up to 30 parties.
  2. Best solution for day-to-day, impromptu conferencing needs.
  3. No per minute/per user charge for conference.


Monthly Recurring Charge

$3.42 per conference number

Toll-free Access $0.05 per minute/per participant

Applicable toll free and long distance charges will apply.

On Demand - Up to 125 and Special Applications

Premiere Global Services

Premiere Global Services (An Adobe Service Partner) is the preferred UW provider for large audio on-demand conferences, international conferences, and special events. 

Option 1

Premiere ReadyConference Plus (On Demand, Up to 125 Participants)

Fee/min/participant (See the UW IT Service Catalog for the most current rates)
An on-demand audio conference for up to 125 participants. It is available for a fee/min/participant within the contiguous US, including Toll Free access.

Scheduled one-time only conferences are available upon request.

Option 2

Premiere GlobalMeet (International On Demand, Up to 125 Participants)

Varies by country (See the UW IT Service Catalog for the most current rates)
Premiere GlobalMeet , an on-demand audio conference similar to ReadyConference Plus, with the added capability of International Toll-Free Dial-in access. The per minute rate for this service depends on which country the participant is calling from.

PGI Global Meet International Dial-In Rates

Scheduled one-time only conferences are available on request.

Option 3

PremiereCall Connection (Operator-Assisted Dial-Out including International)

See the UW IT Service Catalog for the most current rates.  Charges by:

Fee/min/participant Toll Dial In
Fee/min/participant Toll-Free Dial In
Fee/min/participant + International Long Distance Rates for Operator Dial Out.
Operator assisted dial-out services.  The Premiere conference operator will dial out to your VIP or international participants.

Option 4

PremiereCall Event (Over 125 Participants, Operator-assisted Conference Planning)

PremiereCall Event is a full service, white glove operator-assisted event conferencing service with operator screening/greeting for participants and moderators.  A dedicated team, including an Event Manager, will assist with scheduling and planning your conference.

UW Conferencing Service Comparison

  UW Teleconferencing Premiere
Service Type On-Demand On-Demand or Scheduled One-Time
Conference Capacity Up to 30 participants Up to 125 participants

$3.42 monthly

ReadyConference: $0.05/min/participant contiguous US
GlobalMeet: $0.09/min/participant contiguous US

Initial Setup Charge No Charge N/A
Web Conferencing Yes (using Adobe Connect) Yes (using Adobe Connect)
User Features:    
Assigned Dial In Yes No
Toll-Free Dial In Yes (rate varies, starting at $0.025/min/participant from contiguous US) Yes (included)
Operator Assisted Dial Out No Available through PremiereCall Connection
Custom Greeting No No
Password Protection Yes Yes
Lecture Mode No Yes
Conference Recording No Yes. Additional fees apply.

Web Conferencing (Adobe Connect)

Adobe Connect

What is it?
A Flash-based virtual meeting room that allows you to connect with multiple participants to share audio, video, applications, and chat.  

What do you need?
A computer (Mac/PC) that has at least Adobe Flash 8 installed. 
A phone to call into the audio conference or a microphone and speakers for VoIP.
A webcam (if you want to share your video).

How much does it cost?
See the UW-IT Service Catalog Teleconferencing entry for current price information.

What can you do?

- 100 Participants - File Transfer
- Share Screen/Application - URL Push
- Share Webcam Video - Outlook Scheduling Add-In
- Polls/Quizzes - iPhone App
- VoIP Integration - Recording w/ Hosted Playback
- Q&A - Integrated Premiere Audio Conferencing (8.0 cents/min/participant)
- Modular Panels - Integrated Meet-Me Conferencing (2.5 cents/min/conference)

View an Adobe Connect video demonstration: [Here]

Find more detailed Adobe Connect information and system requirements: [Here]

To order this service, please contact UW Information Technology at or via phone at 206-221-5000.  Please include the following information in your request:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Budget Number
  • PGI Audio Conference Client ID (if you already own one).
  • Preferred URL for your meeting:[your URL]
  • Preferred Adobe Connect Username.
    Either your own UW NetID , or if sharing the account with a group, a username based on the group name.

Equipment and Hardware Requirements

Contact eProcurement to purchase a speakerphone conference unit.  You may be able to rent a conference unit through GBH Communications.  Check with Pete Garcia (800-222-5424 Ext 8604 or  Be sure to advise you are ordering for the University of Washington to obtain state pricing.

The following units are compatible with our telephone system:

  • Polycom SoundStation IP 7000, wired VoIP unit
  • Polycom SoundStation2, wired analog unit
  • Polycom SoundStation2W, wireless analog unit
  • Konexx analog to digital converter
  • Konexx RJ11/RJ45 combo cord

Campus locations where VoIP service is available, the Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 is the preferred conference phone solution.  The IP 7000 is easy to set up and provides superb audio quality.  Other IP units do not function with our telephone system.

Where VoIP is not available, UW IT recommends purchasing one of the Polycom SoundStation analog units.  The analog models can be connected to a digital jack (i.e. in conjunction with a 6400 or 2400 series telephone set) with a Konexx analog to digital adapter. To use a digital set simultaneously with your Polycom unit, the Konexx RJ11/RJ45 combo cord will need to be purchased.

Prior to purchasing your equipment, contact the UW IT at or 206-221-5000 if you have questions.

All of these analog conference units and the Konexx converter can be self installed.  If you need assistance, a technician visit may be arranged, and time and material charges will apply.

When installing the Polycom IP 7000, the serial number or MAC address from the bottom of the conference phone is required to complete the phone's programming.  Each IP 7000 requires a unique telephone number and a VoIP compatible network connection.  Please contact UW IT for more information.

Reserve a Videoconference Studio

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