April 14, 2015

UW Wi-Fi Gets Positive Ratings in Survey of Students, Faculty

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UW students and faculty are much more satisfied with Wi-Fi on campus and in instructional spaces compared with students and faculty at peer institutions, according to a 2014 survey about technology experiences at the UW and other universities. UW students also rate ease of login and network performance higher than students at other colleges. The survey is conducted every spring by the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) in conjunction with UW-IT.

November 3, 2014

UW Wi-Fi: Fast, Free, for Visitors

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The UW Wi-Fi network provides fast connections. To keep it that way, with more people connecting, UW-IT is continually upgrading the more than 9,281 Wi-Fi access points to meet demand. Just last week, 175,759 unique devices connected to our Wi-Fi network, with more than 6.7 million sessions transmitting a whopping 113+ Terabytes of data. Learn more about using Wi-Fi at the UW and how UW faculty and staff can assign wireless access for visitors. The UW also participates in eduroam, free wireless access for anyone visiting from any of the thousands of eduroam-enabled institutions.

January 10, 2014

UW Wireless: New Authentication Service Will Support Encryption, Better Device Sharing

photo of wireless devices

A new solution for authenticating to the campus Wi-Fi network will enable future service enhancements, including an encrypted Wi-Fi service and better management and sharing of wireless printers and devices, specifically AppleTV and Google’s Chromecast for HDTV content. The change, made in December, was transparent to users; no re-authentication or registering of devices was required. UW-IT implemented the new vendor-supported ClearPass application as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance UW Wi-Fi service.

November 22, 2013

UW Joins Eduroam: Easy Wi-Fi Network Access at Participating Universities

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UW students, faculty, and staff can now access Wi-Fi networks at 5,500 participating universities with their UW NetID by using eduroam—a worldwide free service providing instant, authenticated and encrypted network access. Set up your device for eduroam before you travel so it will automatically connect wherever eduroam is available. In turn, eduroam allows visitors from participating institutions to use their home university’s credentials to connect to the UW network. Get more information about eduroam, which UW-IT worked to bring to the UW.