at the Second International IMAP Meeting
in alphabetical order by last name:
Dave Crocker
Brandenburg Consulting
David H. Crocker is a principal with Brandenburg Consulting, providing strategic planning and design for Internet and intranet applications. He has been a core contributor in the development of internetworking and electronic mail capabilities for twenty-five years. Mr. Crocker developed MCI Mail and worked at a number of Silicon Valley companies, producing a wide range of TCP/IP, OSI, and network management products. He is co-founder of the Internet Mail Consortium and continues technical involvement in standards activities for transport services, electronic mail and electronic commerce.

Terry Gray
Director, Networks & Distributed Computing
University of Washington
Prior to coming to the UW in 1988, Dr. Gray was Vice President of Engineering for the Bridge Communications Division of 3Com Corporation. His earlier professional experience includes work at Bell Laboratories, Ampex Corporation, and many years in the UCLA Computer Science Department, first as a graduate student, and later in both faculty and staff roles. For over 20 years his principal focus has been on distributed system architecture, but he has also published work in computer security, software engineering, distributed operating system design, network job control, and electronic mail systems.

Eric Hahn
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Server Products Division
Netscape Communications Corporation
Mr. Hahn serves as General Manager of Netscape's Server Products Division and oversees Netscape's product development and marketing activities for corporate intranet servers including web, messaging, directory, collaboration, calendaring, commerce, media, proxy and security products. Mr. Hahn was previously founder and CEO of Collabra Software, Inc. - a leading groupware provider which was acquired by Netscape in 1995. Prior to Collabra, Mr. Hahn ran the cc:Mail division of Lotus Development Corporation and earlier served as Vice President and General Manager of Convergent Technologies' Unix division. Mr. Hahn began his career at Bolt, Beranek and Newman where he worked on Arpanet protocols. Mr. Hahn holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is married with two sons and lives in Palo Alto, California.

John Klensin
Senior Data Architect
MCI Data Services Architecture Department

Dr. John C. Klensin's activities at MCI include product design and evaluation for MCI's Internet offerings, especially for Internet applications. He was the principal architect of MCI's public Internet mail service and is the primary reviewer of plans to improve the MCI Mail-Internet gateway to provide improved support for users as Internet standards and practices evolve and has a continuing role in developing MCI products and strategies for Internet commerce and electronic data interchange. Outside MCI, he has had significant responsibility for the present generation of Internet applications standards. His involvement with what is now the Internet began in 1969-70, when he participated in the working group that created the file transfer protocol and made the decision to include electronic mail capability in the network's design.

Chris Newman
Software Developer
Innosoft International Inc.

Chris Newman spent four years working for Carnegie Mellon University's Cyrus Mail project. During this time, Chris was part of the design team for the IMAP4 and IMSP protocols and wrote the reference IMSP server implementation. He is now a software developer working for Innosoft International, Inc.

Darren Shakib
Messaging Architect
Microsoft Corporation

Computing & Communications
University of Washington