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First Annual IMAP Meeting: Organizations represented

Commercial Software Vendors
Accordance Corporation, AIR Company, Ltd., Apple Computer, Inc., Banyan Systems, The Esys Corporation, FTP Software, Innosoft International Inc., NCD/Z-Code Division, Netscape Communications, Siren Software, Inc., Spry, Sun Microsystems and SunSoft, Inc., and Tree Star.

Service Providers
IBM Polaris, Microsoft Network, InternetMCI, Prodigy

Commercial and Government Users
Lehman Brothers, Inc., Morgan-Stanley and Company, I-NET/Kennedy Space Center, Nokia

Academic Institutions
Corporation for Research and Educational Networking, California State Univ. (Chico), Carnegie Mellon Univ., Harvard Univ., Stanford Univ., Univ. of California (Berkeley), Univ. of Liverpool, Univ. of North Carolina, Univ. of Washington, Yale Univ.

Brandenburg Consulting, Saturn Computing Corporation

In addition, four email software vendors (Commtouch, DaVinci, ICL, Netmanage) and two large user organizations (Ford, JPL) indicated their intention or desire to attend, but could not, due to the East Coast blizzard, the Federal Government shutdown, or other contraints.

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