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Wilderness First Aid

A collaboration between The Wilderness Medicine Training Center (WMTC) and UWild Adventures.

The Wilderness First Aid course is designed to introduce the concepts of medical care in a wilderness setting. The course focuses on Basic Life Support skills, trauma, selected environmental topics, spine assessment, allergic and toxic reactions, and “common” medical emergencies. As with all our courses, the majority of time is spent in hands-on skills practice and simulation.

Those looking to apply for UWild Field Instructor positions, the WFA is the minimum requirement for single day outings.

What is a DLP Wilderness First Aid Course?

Our hybrid distance learning project (DLP) Wilderness First Aid course requires completion of our home study program and an online exam prior to attending a two day practical session. Our hybrid DLP Wilderness First Aid course is designed for students that are able to study the didactic material on their own using our field manual, “the Wilderness Medicine Handbook,” and the course web site. Access to a computer and the internet are mandatory; broadband/high speed access is required. If you like self-study, are disciplined, computer literate, and have limited time to attend a practical session, then a hybrid DLP Wilderness First Aid course is your best choice.

Prior to registering for the Hybrid DLP Wilderness First Aid course, please visit the Hybrid DLP Wilderness First Aid course web site for a glimpse on how the course is organized. Read the directions on the home page and view the Lightning presentation to make sure the course meets your needs. Both the home and lightning pages are open to the general public for this purpose; the remaining presentation pages are password protected.


Wilderness EMT, Wilderness First Responder, and Wilderness Advanced First Aid graduates may re-certify via our Wilderness First Aid course with the successful completion of our on-line re-certification exam and practical sessions.

2018 Dates:

Spring – May 19th and 20th

Fall – TBD


IMA Members (UW students included): $250

Public: $300

*Prices are subject to sales tax where applicable.


Please visit the registration website.

Word of Caution

DLP courses require the use of technology, and the diligence of the student to self-study. It is imperative that a student register with enough time to study the online materials and pass the exams. This material is difficult, it will take a few hours each night to read and pass the exams. If a student does not pass the exams by the deadlines, they will not be admitted to the practical session and will not pass the class. No refunds are given to those that are not admitted.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

There is NO refund once registered, unless the course is cancelled.


Student Handbook

Course Syllabus


For more information call Garrett Genereux at 206-616-1143 or email at