Student Employee Engagement

Student Employee Leadership Board

UW Recreation Student Employee Leadership Board was created with the following charge:

  • Advise UW Recreation on student employee issues.
  • Advise UW Recreation on needed additions/improvements to student employee training, recognition, and work culture/environment.
  • Act as UW Recreation’s liaison by providing information, resources, and opportunities to other student employees and the campus at-large.
  • Promote and participate in employee leadership development opportunities.
  • Promote and organize special events to recognize student employee service and achievement.
  • Serve as a sounding board for forecasting the needs of student employees, particularly around Husky Experience-related issues.
  • Review the internal procedures of the Board and recommend changes when necessary for the efficient function of the Board.
  • Meet regularly to provide feedback (meetings planned for once per month).
Current recruiting members for:
  • Aquatics – OPEN
  • UWild Climbing – OPEN
  • Fitness – OPEN
  • UWild Gear Garage – OPEN
  • Golf Driving Range – OPEN
  • Intramurals – OPEN
  • Member Services – OPEN
  • Men’s Locker Room – OPEN
  • Mindfulness – OPEN
  • UWild Waterfront Activities Center – OPEN
  • Women’s Locker Room – OPEN

If you are interested in joining the UW Recreation Student Employee Advisory Board please contact Rod Smith (