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Yoga demonstration videos: Learn about Yoga styles with the IMA instructors


Power Yoga with Melissa

Beginning Yoga with Gary

Iyengar with Huijung

Hatha Flow with Mandy

Vinyasa Flow with Danielle

Hatha Flow with Michael

Gentle Yoga with Sasha


Yoga Instructor Bios



Danielle Dunckley, Vinyasa Flow

Danielle has been teaching yoga for 10 years at the UW. She encourages her students to listen to and take care of their bodies as they practice and to practice from a place of compassion and joy. She teaches a variety of classes from beginning level to advanced, restorative to flow. She loves teaching at the IMA because of the beautiful studio space and wonderful students.



Gary Martin, Beginning Yoga

Gary became involved in yoga in 2006 and in 2012 completed Yoga Teacher Training at Twist Vinyasa Yoga. Gary appreciates many styles of yoga, especially those with a restorative focus. He especially values the holistic benefits yoga offers by connecting body, mind, and breath, and he hopes to extend his training to include workshops in Yoga Therapy. Gary is a Full-time Lecturer in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at U.W






Mandy Morneault, Hatha Flow

Mandy has happily taught yoga at the IMA for six years.  Her passion for yoga and learning started in 2001, which has led her to complete over 600 hours of formal yoga teacher training since 2007, beginning with 8 Limbs and more recently at Seattle Yoga Arts. She also teaches Intro to Meditation at the IMA.





 aliciaAlicia Benish, Hatha & Vinyasa Flow

Alicia is 8 Limbs certified and is in her second year of teaching at the IMA. She draws from Hatha training and an athletic background to combine powerful asana sequences with proper alignment. She tailors classes to diverse individual needs so that students of all fitness levels effectively increase their flexibility and strength. Alicia completed her undergraduate degree in International Studies at UW and is currently pursuing a Masters in Health Services Administration here on campus.




yoga instructor

Jason Benchimol, Hatha & Vinyasa Flow

Jason is currently completing his teacher training with the Samarya Center for Humankind (ness). Jason’s classes take inspiration from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, utilizing traditional and novel Sun Salutation sequences as a platform for introducing and exploring asana postures in greater depth. Each student is encouraged to work at his or her “edge”, while cultivating an attitude of non-attachment. In the spirit of kindness to oneself and self-care, modifications and adjustments are always encouraged.




 Huijung Kimbell, Iyengar Yoga

Huijung earned her 200-hour certification at the Center for Yoga of Seattle (the only Iyengar studio in Seattle, where she also teaches) in 2010. She is a teacher in training in the Iyengar method and is preparing for the next level of assessment to become a fully certified Iyengar yoga teacher. She gives clear and detailed instructions to help the students learn the important foundations of the poses. Her classes generally start with warm-ups and standing poses, followed by seated poses and relaxation. As students progress throughout the quarter, the class will become more strenuous and more poses will be introduced, including back bends and inversions. Huijung does not use music, and instead encourages students to listen to their bodies. She uses props to accommodate all different body types.




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