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Drop-in Classes

Autumn 2016

This page has information on Quarterly drop-in classes and Special Events. Please check back on this page often, as we frequently add drop-in classes to our regularly scheduled class offerings.

Drop-In General Info

  • $5.48 per class (Prices include sales tax where applicable.)
  • Online registration and IMA Membership required.
  • Registration opens one week in advance and closes at the time the class begins.
  • Upon registration you will receive an email with a Course Confirmation attached. Please show this to the instructor when you arrive to class (either printed out or on a Smartphone). This is your ticket to enter.
  • Drop-in classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Quarter Long Drop-In Offerings

Autumn Quarter 2016 drop-in classes will be determined the week of October 17, 2016. Check back then for a comprehensive list of our drop-in classes.

Saturday Drop-Ins 

Note: Saturday drop-ins during Autumn Quarter do not conflict with home football games. We will hold Saturday drop-in classes on October 15 & 29, November 5, and December 3 &10.

  • Indoor Cycling – An intense stationary bike workout that simulates an actual outdoor bike ride. Through tension adjustments and pedaling technique, you will encounter straight-aways, steep hills and rolling terrains that correspond to the difficulty of the perceived ride. This class will make you sweat! Pedals are SPD compatible. Bring a water bottle and towel. All fitness levels welcome.
    • Saturday @ 9:30-10:20am
  • Hatha Flow – Hatha flow yoga can improve awareness of your body in space, balance, stabilization, flexibility, and core strength with a well-rounded practice. Explore the benefits of deep, conscious lengthening of the connective tissue and muscles combined with restorative poses to help relieve tension and aid the body in its healing and recovery processes. Specific breath practices (pranayama) and continued awareness and exploration of this ‘prana’ will lead to a deeper awareness within each pose and overall balancing of the body’s energy. Other facets beyond the physical (mental clarity, focus, imagery, and meditation) are integrated into the practice. This class is a great complement to an athletic training program, as a cross training tool, or to help the body prevent injury or promote healing from chronic injury. Suitable for all ages and levels.
    • Saturday @ 10:30-11:45am with Sarah B. 

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