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Sport-Specific Strength Training

All UW students can now get elite-caliber strength training—designed by certified strength and conditioning experts and personalized to each athlete—through the Volt Athletics intelligent training app.

Volt’s is the nation’s leader in technology-based sport performance training, with 50,000+ athletes all the way up through the Pac-12 and pro level currently training on Volt.

Here’s how it works: choose a sport you’d like to train for and how long you wish to train, and the Volt app builds you a customized workout plan, tailored to your exact strength levels and designed to help you peak for performance at just the right time. Each workout is accessible from the app and tells you exactly what to do in the gym to train correctly for your goals.

We are proud and excited to be able to offer this training package at an exclusive UW student price of $9/month (regularly $29/month). Each student also gets a 30-day free trial to test out the app.

Give it a try!