Frequently Asked Questions


Who may participate in Rec Clubs at UW?

Rec Clubs are open for participation to the entire UW-Seattle student community and Faculty and Staff with an IMA membership. UW Branch Campus students (Bothell and Tacoma) are also eligible if they purchase an IMA membership.  Alumni, UW Extension students and the general public are not eligible to participate. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, with the exception of first year students who have not yet reached the age of 18. UW students under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate in a club.

Are there cuts?

The philosophy of our club program is to allow participation by any member of the UW community. Many clubs take all members who join; however, certain competitive clubs do make cuts (many of those clubs may have both a competitive team and a non-competing recreational team, often differentiating the two as “A” and “B” teams). When clubs have more individuals vying for positions than are available for competition, then some club members may be designated to one team or another, depending upon skill level and prior experience with the activity.  Questions about tryouts and cuts can be posed directly to club officers of the specific club.

Club Organization

How do I start a new club?

Follow the instructions on our website to apply to become a part of UW Recreation.

When do you recommend holding elections for new officers?

Typically, we recommend changing officers sometime during Winter Quarter (January-March) or early Spring (April). This is so that the new officers have ample time to learn about the position, get some practical experience, and still be able to ask questions to any of the previous officers before those officers leave or graduate.

Why not just hold elections at the end of the year, and let the new officers begin in the fall?

We don’t recommend this for a number of reasons. First, this method doesn’t always allow the new officers to get practical experience before taking on their responsibilities. Second, the beginning of the Fall quarter is so busy that it is often overwhelming for new officers to learn all the responsibilities. Finally, some transitional items need to take place prior to the Summer, and it is best to do that changeover in the Spring rather than wait for the next Fall.

Facility Requests & Activity Registrations

Where do I find my club’s practice time?

Club practice space and times are listed for each sport via the club directory. In addition, full practice schedules are available online.

Why can’t we just go on a field/space when it is empty to practice?

Clubs have a limited amount of practice space and time available to them because we share much of our field and indoor space with other IMA programming, including group fitness, aquatics, open programming and intramural sports. We do the best we can with the number of clubs we have, and the time we are able to give. Occasionally, your club will have to share space with another club, or come up with other creative compromises with other clubs in order to meet your practice needs.  The IMA also has a group use policy, which dictates that any group of people (more than 4-5) must have a reservation to use the space.

How do we reserve IMA space for a home event?

First, confirm possible dates with your opponent or participants. Then complete a Home Event Request to request your facility space. The Rec Clubs Manager will get back to you as soon as possible with a confirmation/denial/change request.

Do we have to submit forms for ALL of our events?

You need to register all official club events (except practices), home or away, with the Rec Clubs office by the appropriate deadlines. The easiest and most efficient way of doing this is by using the Home Event Request for home events, and the Trip Plan for away events.

What is the deadline for registering our event?

We recommend you submit your event registration as soon as you have it confirmed. The absolute deadline for submitting home events is 14 days prior to the event, and away events is 5 days prior to traveling.

What happens if we submit our Home Event Request after the deadline?

It is unlikely that you will receive any facilities if you wait until after the registration deadline to submit the request form.

What happens if we do not submit a Home Event Request at all and still participate in an activity as a club?

If your club fails to submit a Home Event Request and still participates in our space, then you will be subject to disciplinary action under our Rec Clubs Policies and Procedures. This may include loss of practices, loss of budget, or probationary discipline.

Risk Management

For comprehensive club safety information, visit the Safety Officer page.

Why do club members need to complete and sign the Waiver/Agreement to Participate form?

If you have ever participated in an organization-sponsored activity with the potential for risk or injury, you have probably signed a release form and designated an emergency contact. The Waiver/Agreement forms seek to inform you of the potential risks before participating in the activity.  Waivers require members to assume the risk inherent in sports activities and reminds them of their responsibilities to contribute to safe activities for themselves and other participants.  Preventing injuries and losses helps ensure that the club will be allowed to continue to function as part of the Rec Clubs program and reduces the potential liability to the club, its officers, and the University.

Waivers for Club members are mandatory, and you may not participate in any club activities (including tryouts) until a waiver is submitted. A new waiver must be submitted at the beginning of each academic year and the Rec Clubs Office must have a waiver on file for each club in which you participate.

How many people need to be certified in First Aid and CPR?

At least one safety officer of the club should be certified in First Aid/CPR/AED, and additional members are encouraged.  One safety officer must be present for each practice/game/event. The Rec Clubs Office will soon provide, free of charge, First Aid/CPR/AED certification to those club members who wish to be Safety Officers.

Are there any exceptions to the rule that there must be at least one safety officer at each practice/game/event?



For comprehensive travel information, visit the Away Events page.

Who is eligible to drive?

Only club members who have completed the Driver Authorization form, and met the standard requirements laid out on the form are eligible to drive other club members to and from club events.

What are Trip Plans, and why are they necessary?

The Trip Plan tells us when a club is traveling, where they are traveling, a contact number of a club member who will be a part of the trip, and in which vehicle each club member will be traveling. We request these so that we are aware of club activity, and so that we can be up-to-date in case of an emergency while a club is on the road.

What is the deadline for submitting our Trip Plan?

We recommend you submit your Trip Plan as soon as you have your travel plans confirmed. This will ensure you have time to make certain that all drivers have submitted their Driver Authorization form and are authorized to drive. The deadline for submission of Trip Plans is 3 days prior to travel.

What happens if we do not submit a Trip Plan at all and still travel to and participate in an activity as a club?

If your club fails to submit a Trip Plan and still travels and participates in an away activity, then you may be subject to disciplinary action under our Rec Clubs Policies and Procedures. This may include loss of practices, loss of budget, and/or probationary discipline.


For comprehensive budget information, visit our Finances section.

How does the budget process work?

Each recognized club is eligible to receive funding after one year of membership in the Rec Clubs Program. Your club budget allocation is for the entire academic year.  Each Club submits annual budget requests each November to determine budgetary allocation for the next academic year. The allocation is based upon a number of factors, including but not limited to size of club, costs specific to each club, travel, equipment needs, length of competitive season, fundraising efforts, demonstrated self-reliance, growth and stability of the club, and compliance with administrative guidelines set forth by UW Recreation.

How do we change names on our checking account?

When you elect new officers, you will need to change names on the checking account with your local bank. To do this, you will need a current officer who is designated on the bank account, as well as the future officer(s) to designate on the account.  At least 2 officers should always be designated on the account, for the purposes of checks and balances.

How do I get reimbursed?

Visit our Reimbursement section for comprehensive details on getting reimbursed.

If we purchase equipment with our UW Recreation budget allocation, can the club keep it?

Any equipment purchased for the club with UW funds (through the Club Budget) must be inventoried and returned to the Rec Clubs Office at the end of each academic year. We will put the equipment in storage, and sign it back out to your club when the school year starts up again in the Fall Quarter.

Do we need to return equipment to the IMA if we purchase it using our private club bank account?

It is not necessary for you to turn in equipment secured through your club bank account, since those are self-generated funds. However, due to limited storage capacity, only equipment purchased with UW funds will be stored at our facility.

Post-Event Reports

What do you do with the Post-Event Reports we submit?

We do a couple of things with the information you provide us in the event result forms.

  • Report on your activities at the Programs Staff meetings so that employees of the department are up to date on all of our clubs’ events.
  • Use the information for a variety of reports, including our quarterly and end-of-year reports.

Social Media

Where to display my club’s pictures?

You might use an external tool such as Picasa or Flickr in order to display any photos you have of your club, or post them directly to your website and/or social media accounts. We also would love to have your club pictures at the IMA, as we often post pictures on bulletin boards, around the IMA, and on our website/social media account.  You can email your pictures directly to the Rec Clubs Office.