To file for a reimbursement:

  1. Before making a purchase, a club officer should make sure it is an approved expense.  If you are buying club equipment, it must be approved by emailing the Rec Clubs Manager prior to purchase.  All equipment reimbursed through University funds must be stored at the IMA.

  2. Complete and submit a Reimbursement Request form.
    • Travel reimbursements: Travel expenses (including away tournament entry fees) will not be reimbursed if there is no Trip Plan on file with the Rec Clubs Office.
    • Equipment reimbursements:  Equipment will not be reimbursed if it has not been pre-approved by the Rec Clubs Manager before purchase.

  3. Clubs must have original and official receipts.  Handwritten receipts are not accepted by Accounts payable for reimbursement; they must be electronic receipts issued by the vendor, and contain vendor letterhead, contact info, date and amount paid.  Important: The receipt must also list both the club officer being reimbursed, as well as the club name.

  4. Only the individual listed on the receipt will be reimbursed.  The receipt must contain the club name, as well as the name of an individual officer to be reimbursed (preferably the president, vice president or treasurer).  Reimbursement requests from non-officer club members or coaches/instructors will not be accepted.

  5. Checks should be received by the Rec Clubs Office 1-2 weeks after submission of paperwork.  The officer who submitted the form will get an email when it arrives, and the check will be placed in the club mailbox at the back of the Programs Office on the third floor of the IMA.