Individual Club Budgets

UW Rec Clubs Allocation

Each Club is allocated a budget, obtained through SAFC (Services & Activities Fee Committee), by UW Recreation.  This limited budget can be used to pay for club expenses, such as rental vehicles, league/competition entry fees, league dues, equipment, and various other pre-approved expenses.  The budget cannot be used to reimburse travel expenses such as airfare or lodging.  Please view a list of allowable vs. non-allowable items for a list of expenses covered by allocation.

Any money not spent from this allocation by June 30 will not be carried over to the next school year.

Budget Allocations are made by the Rec Clubs Office each Spring for the following year, following an evaluation on how well the club has met its administrative and operational requirements within the program.  Each club must meet minimum requirements to maintain active status.

Please email the Rec Clubs office for your club’s specific initial allocation, or an up-to-date balance.