Why Fundraising?

As the Rec Clubs budget allocation is only intended to cover a limited amount of most clubs’ expenses each academic year, it is vital that all clubs have a strong fundraising plan in place for the financial success and future growth of the club.

What types of events count as fundraisers?

Hosting competitions/tournaments/clinics/events that charge entry fees, profit shares, letter-writing campaigns, bake sales, staffing at events, USeed projects, etc.

How does my club plan a fundraiser?

Clubs have had great success in the past with fundraisers, ranging from bake sales to clinics to hosting tournaments.  If you plan a fundraiser on- or off-campus, make sure to follow the fundraising policies and procedures outlined in the RSO Policy Guide.  Any fundraising activity which uses IMA facilities (such as hosting an event or tournament) MUST be approved by the Rec Clubs Manager at least 30 days in advance of the anticipated event date.

One of the most effective fundraisers is a targeted letter or online campaign toward alumni, friends, family, fans or other people interested in the club.  The Club should organize these campaigns in conjunction with the Rec Clubs and Student Life Advancement Office, as the collection of donor information is vital to future Rec Clubs/Donor relationships.

The University of Washington also sponsors a crowdfunding platform for UW-affiliated groups (RSOs) called USeed. Club officers must organize and apply for a USeed project by submitting club information, contacts, and marketing; the crowdfunding platform has been a successful format in the past for several clubs.

What paperwork should a club submit for a fundraiser?

If you plan to use an IMA space to host a competition or special event for fundraising, you must fill out the Home Event Request form to request space and let the Rec Clubs Office know you plan to collect fees.  Any event that uses IMA facilities must be pre-approved, and the organizing club officer will work with the Rec Clubs Manager to develop waivers for visitors, entry forms for participants, and any other administrative requirements for the event. All entry fees must be processed through the Rec Clubs Office, and deposited directly into the Club’s allocated IMA budget.

What are the limitations for fundraising events?

Each club is allowed one (1) fundraising event (tournament, alumni game, competition, clinic) using IMA facilities, and the event must be planned at least 30 days in advance in order to ensure time to arrange for the space, as well as marketing and securing of entries for the event.

The maximum that Clubs may charge for IMA-hosted events is $250 per entry.  Clubs should determine their entry fees in accordance with similar regional club fee structures, and can consult with the Rec Clubs Manager for guidance.

Does UW provide clubs any resources to help with fundraising?

The Club Sports office works in conjunction with the UW Advancement Office to help assimilate information of past and present donors, alumni and club participants.  The Rec Clubs Program also will sponsor Fundraising workshops for club leaders in conjunction with UW Advancement.