Financial FAQ

How does the budget process work?

Each recognized club is eligible to receive funding after one year of membership in the Rec Clubs Program. Your club budget allocation is for the entire academic year.  Each Club submits annual budget requests each December to determine budgetary allocation for the next academic year. The final allocation is based upon a number of factors, including but not limited to size of club, costs specific to each club, travel, equipment needs, length of competitive season, fundraising efforts, demonstrated self-reliance, growth and stability of the club, and compliance with administrative guidelines set forth by UW Recreation and the Rec Clubs Office.

Is there a way to petition the Department for additional funding?

Each year the clubs have the opportunity to turn in their annual budget requests to the Rec Clubs Manager by Dec. 15 for the upcoming budget year.  These requests are turned in to the Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAF Committee) for review, and the SAF Committee then decides how much budget money to allocate to the Department for clubs each year.  Since this budget money does not come from our Department, options are very limited for increasing individual budget allocations.  Hence, private fundraising by each individual club is a key element to its financial success and long-term viability.

 If we purchase equipment with our UW Recreation budget allocation, can the club keep it?

Any equipment purchased for the club by the IMA (through the Club Budget) must be inventoried and returned to the IMA at the end of each academic year. We will put the equipment in storage, and sign it back out to your club when the school year starts up again in the Fall Quarter.

Do we need to return equipment to the IMA if we purchase it using our private club bank account?

It is not necessary for you to turn in equipment secured through your club bank account, since those are self-generated funds. However, due to limited storage capacity, only equipment purchase by the IMA will be stored at our facility.