Request a Home Event/Facility

Take the following steps to request space for a home event or activity (outside of regular practice times/space):

 A.  Home Event/Facility Request

All clubs are allowed two special events per year or multiple home dates (for UW club games only) for a league schedule (both subject to facility availability). Special events include friendlies (scrimmages), organized contests, and/or alumni/fundraising events.  All fundraising events must be approved and organized with the Rec Clubs Manager.

Note:  Practices are scheduled in advance of each quarter, and do not require a Home Event/Facility Request submission. However, any activity/practice outside of regular practice times, or in a different facility than regular practices, requires a facility request.

1.    Plan your home events as far in advance as possible (preferably at least 1-2 months, but no later than 10 days in advance). The farther in advance you plan, the better chance you have of securing a desired facility.

  • Be sure to check space availability on the IMA Facilities Schedule.
  • Important:  IMA programming schedules are finalized at different times throughout the year, many times close to the beginning of the Quarter. There is a chance that even if the facility and desired time seem available on the schedule at the time you check it, it may be occupied by a class, practice, intramural or other programming event. In some cases, the desired date might typically be confirmed, but your desired time may be affected. In other cases, the date might not be available at all.
    Submit your request nonetheless, as we will confirm the availability of your desired time if the date is available and get back to you with a date and/or time confirmation.

2.    Request your event online at least 10 days in advance using the Home Event/Facility Request Form. This form serves as your facility request for your home event or activity. Home Event/Facility Requests must be specific as to date, time, and preferred facility so that we may work to secure that space. You will receive approval (or an email from the Rec Clubs Office explaining a conflict) of your facility request when the schedule can be finalized.

  • Note: Late Home Event Registrations may not receive facilities. Also, it is highly unlikely that you will receive any facilities if you wait until the registration deadline to submit the request form. Registration deadlines for home events are due at least ten (10) days prior to the start date of the event.

3.    Check the Registered Event Database 48 hours after submitting your request. This will help to ensure your registration has been received and entered into the database.

  • Confirmation of the date of receipt of the request will be indicated in column “A”, and the facility requested is listed in column “H”.
  • If your activity is listed in:

    • white: we are still working toward securing the facility
    • red:  your activity is denied or needs changes, in which case the Rec Clubs Manager will follow up with you
    • green:  your activity is confirmed
B.  Several Weeks Before Your Activity / Event:
  1. Submit any equipment request directly to the Rec Clubs Manager.
  2. Go through a checklist several weeks before your event to make sure you are prepared with everything you need to have a successful event. This will help you know if you need to arrange for pick-up of equipment (coolers, tables, chairs, first aid kits, etc).
  3. Check and update your Club Roster. Only club members on the official roster may participate in club activities.
C.  After Your Activity / Event
  1. After your event, complete a detailed report of the club’s activity using Post-Event Report Form.  Event Reports are due by the following Friday by 5:00pm.
  2. We want your pictures! Send your high resolution digital photos to the Rec Clubs Office.