Register an Away Event

Most Clubs will need to travel to games, tournaments or other events throughout the year. The Club budget allocation is limited for travel expenses, in that it can only assist with rental car reimbursements. Since club money is also usually limited, club members should be prepared to assume some portion of trip costs. As part of reimbursement, as well as club policies and procedures, clubs must follow travel regulations:

1.  Register

        • Submit a Trip Plan as far in advance as possible, but no later than 3 days before your planned departure date. If you are traveling on a weekend, the Trip Plan is due by 12:00PM on Wednesday the week you leave.
        • If trip plans are registered after the deadline, or especially not at all, the club may be subjected to penalties, including probation/suspension for multiple offenses.  Clubs will not be reimbursed for travel expenses for trips where a trip plan was not submitted prior to travel.
        • Clubs may still make minor changes to the trip plan after submitting the form, up until the date of travel, by emailing the Rec Clubs Office.

2.  Before you leave

3.  On the trip

        • In the event of a vehicle accident or major injury, notify the IMA at (206) 543-4590 and/or the Club Sport Coordinator at (206) 491-4572 as soon as possible (after 9-1-1 or EMS if necessary). A copy of the Emergency Protocols (pdf) should be present in every vehicle.

4.  When you return

        • Submit an Post-Event Report Form.  Event Reports are due by 5:00pm on the Friday of the week you return.
        • Submit Reimbursement Request for travel and receipts no more than 14 days after you return from your event.  Important note: If a trip plan was not submitted before travel, the club will not be reimbursed for expenses related to that trip.
        • We want pictures from your event! Send any digital photos to the Rec Clubs Office.
          Important things to consider for all travel:

There are two basic means of travel available to all clubs:

            • Personal Vehicles (most flexible and least expensive)
            • Commercial Carrier (bus, plane, rental company car/van)

Tips for driving to away events:

            • One driver in the vehicle for every 250 miles driven is recommended.
            • No single driver should drive more than 250 miles or four hours at one time.
            • Drivers must obey the posted speed limit. If an incident arises due to a club driver’s excessive speed over the limit, the club may face disciplinary action.