Driver Authorizations

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Check your Club’s list of Authorized Drivers

Who needs to fill out a Driver Authorization form?

Anyone driving a personal vehicle for an official Rec Clubs activity must submit a Driver Authorization Form. This includes volunteers/instructors.  Approved drivers are eligible to transport club members to Rec Clubs events.  Check the club roster to see a list of the club’s updated drivers.

When do I need to submit a new Driver Authorization form?

Drivers must submit a new form at the beginning of each academic year unless the status of license, insurance, or inspection sticker changes throughout the year. In this case, the driver is responsible for completing and submitting a new Driver Authorization Form immediately.

Additional responsibilities for Authorized Drivers

  • All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and proof of adequate automobile insurance.  Drivers may be held liable for any damage and/or injury involving personal vehicles.
  • When driving a privately-owned vehicle, it should be in a good state of repair.
  • Drivers must keep the Emergency Protocols (pdf) in the vehicle during travel to and from Rec Clubs activities.
  • A phone number where you can be reached in an emergency must be supplied on your Trip Plan.
  • The names of ALL Club members traveling in each vehicle must also be listed on the Trip Plan submitted before each event.
  • Travel is only to be directly to and from the location of the event.