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Student Eligibility

Registered matriculated UW Seattle students who pay the Services and Activities Fees may use the IMA upon presentation of their current Husky ID Card.

UW Tacoma & UW Bothell

UW Tacoma and UW Bothel Students are now eligible to purchase an IMA membership for use of UW Recreation on the Seattle campus. Members are permitted to sponsor guests, enroll in sports & fitness classes, join club sports programs, participate in intramurals, sign up for a mindfulness pass, obtain a basket for storage of personal belongings and other regular member privileges.

  • UW Bothell/Tacoma Students Quarter $58.00
  • Students may purchase a Single Use Ticket (on each occasion of use) for $5.25 per visit.
  • Bring your UW Husky Card to the IMA Member Services Desk, in the lobby of the IMA, during building hours.  Your UW Husky Card then becomes your IMA membership card.
  • We accept cash, check or VISA/MasterCard/Discover Card.

Spouse/Registered Domestic Partner Quarter Memberships

Students may purchase a Spouse/Registered Domestic Partner Quarter Membership (S/DP). The membership permits independent access/use (the primary member is not required to be present) of the IMA during all hours of operation. The primary member (student) must be present and a Marriage Certificate or Certificate of Registration (for domestic partner) presented at the time of membership purchase. Currently enrolled students and on-leave graduates are eligible to purchase a S/DP quarter membership.

Note: On-leave graduate students are required to purchase a quarter IMA membership to be eligible to purchase a S/DP membership.

S/DP Quarterly Fee: $66.61

Use Privileges for S/DP Members

  • Guest Sponsorship
  • Use of Indoor Climbing Center (additional fee)
  • Personal Training Services (additional fee)
  • Equipment Issue
  • Basket Issue
  • Club Sports Membership (additional fee)
  • Participation in Intramural Sports (additional fee)
  • Enrollment in Sports & Fitness Classes (additional fee)

Student Summer Membership

Spring Quarter 2017 students who are not enrolled in summer classes may purchase an IMA Student Summer Quarter Membership. Spring Quarter students need to present their valid Spring Quarter 2017 Husky Card for purchase. New and returning students may become members with their Autumn 2017 Enrollment Confirmation Acknowledgement from the Office of the Registrar.

There are two ways in which a student not enrolled in summer classes may utilize the IMA during the summer:

  1. Students may purchase a Summer IMA Membership for $58.00, beginning Tuesday, May 30, 2017. The membership is valid for use June 10-September 23, 2017.
  2. Students may purchase a Single Use Pass (on each occasion of use) beginning Saturday, June 24, 2017, with your Spring Quarter 2017 Husky Card for $5.25 per visit.