Recreational Sports Programs

Basket Use & Renewal

Basket Checkout, Use, and Renewal Information

  • You may checkout a basket with a current student Husky ID card or IMA Membership (not available to spouse/registered domestic partner memberships). Basket use privileges extend through the first Friday of the next quarter if you checked out a basket with a quarter membership or student ID. If you checked out your basket with an annual¬†membership, basket use privileges extend for one year from date of issue of the basket. Annual members who paid with payroll deduction do not have to renew their basket.
  • Baskets, locks, and towels may be checked out at the Issue Window in either the Women’s or Men’s Locker Room. Lockers may be checked out on a daily basis.
  • If you plan to be away from campus during the renewal period and want to keep your existing basket, please make arrangements in the respective locker room or the Member Services Desk.
  • If you wish to retain use of your basket, you must present a valid student Husky ID card or IMA Membership prior to the posted date. If you do not renew your basket by the posted renewal date (generally the Friday of the first week of the quarter),¬†the contents must be removed and the lock and towel returned to the issue area personnel. After those dates, the basket contents will be stored for one quarter and a $6.00 storage fee will be assessed to reclaim your personal belongings.
  • Your basket is for overnight storage of personal belongings. You may use the combination lock on a locker for placement of clothes and belongings while participating. Do not use lockers for overnight storage.
  • Only IMA issued locks are allowed on lockers. Personal locks will be removed at owner’s expense.
  • As indicated on the basket/lock/towel issue card, the Department of Recreational Sports Programs is not responsible for personal items stored in baskets or lockers.
  • Swimsuits must not be locked to the outside of your basket or locker. Attached suits will be removed.

Fine Policy

All items of equipment issued will be subject to fines if they are lost or broken. Be sure to check all equipment for cracks, damage etc., before leaving issue area. Once you leave the window you become responsible for loss or breakage.

Towel Use

You are responsible for any towel issued to you. A fine will be assessed for a lost towel. You may obtain a clean towel for a soiled one at anytime. Do not leave towels on benches or in the pool area.

Vacating Baskets

If you no longer desire use of a basket and decide to vacate, please return towel and combination lock to issue area personnel, as you are responsible for these items. Be sure your name is removed from the issue book before you leave the issue window so you will not be assessed a fine.

If you decide not to renew your membership, please remove your personal items from your locker and return your lock and towel to the locker room personnel. If you do not renew your locker or remove your personal items by the posted deadline date, the items will be removed from your locker and stored until the end of the next quarter. These items may be reclaimed upon payment of a storage fee of $6.00.

Protection of Personal Equipment

Baskets and/or lockers should be kept locked at all times, even when exchanging a towel or taking a shower. To prevent theft of personal belongings, be sure to spin dial on the lock one or two times after closing it. Pull down hard on the lock to make sure it is secure. You are also encouraged not to bring valuable items or large sums of money to the locker room.