Team Captain Responsibilities

Each team must be represented by a team captain. Team captains play a vital role because they provide leadership and serve as a liaison between the intramural program staff and the team.

It is their responsibility to:

  • Read and understand the rules and policies in this Handbook as they pertain to their team’s participation.
  • Submit the appropriate entry fee online using your UWNet ID. Keep a copy of the receipt.
  • Manage their team, invite players to the roster, read the rules and captain’s information posted, and complete the sport quiz.
  • Check schedules regularly. If a conflict arises that will prevent a team from playing a regularly scheduled contest, it is possible to avoid the penalties associated with forfeiting by requesting that the contest be declared a default.  In order for a contest to be considered a default, the team captain/individual must contact the Intramural Office by 5:00 pm the day before the scheduled game.
  • Check online for game schedules, results, and updates.
  • Notify team members of date, place and time of contests, shirt color, or schedule changes.
  • Enter line-up on appropriate score sheets. Print first and last names of the players that will participate in the contest.
  • Assist in the recruitment of sports officials.
  • Verify the final score and sign the game sheets at the completion of each contest.
  • Be knowledgeable of all playing rules governing the sport in which they participate.
  • Make official roster changes and additions, when necessary, in accordance with the established rules. Note: The official roster is not the score sheet at each game. Each person must be on the official roster, online, before Wednesday at 6 pm the last week of the regular season.
  • Assist the Intramural Staff and officials with the enforcement of the “Code of Conduct” by assuming responsibility for the conduct of team members and spectators before, during and after all intramural contests.
  • Ensure that all individuals on their team roster and those participating are eligible for participation in accordance with the eligibility rules and pay the appropriate membership fees.