General Rules

The eligibility rules are designed to provide enjoyable and fair participation. The rules are not designed with the intent to punish or discipline any individual, but merely to ensure that the spirit of fair competition is applied to all. The intramural staff assumes responsibility for eligibility only when called to its attention or when obvious infractions are observed by the intramural staff, supervisors, or officials. Each participant is responsible for their own eligibility.

Only the following individuals are eligible to participate in the Intramural Program:

  • All UW Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma Campus regularly enrolled and currently registered graduate or undergraduate students with a valid Husky ID card, and not declared ineligible through disciplinary sanctions as outlined in the University of Washington Student Conduct Code or the UW Recreation Code of Conduct. Student spouses and registered domestic partners who have purchased an IMA Quarter Membership.
  • All UW Seattle Campus Faculty/Staff who have purchased an IMA Quarter or Annual Membership or have paid the Intramural Sports Membership (for outdoor sports only). Faculty/Staff spouses or registered domestic partners who have purchased an IMA Quarter or Annual Membership or have paid the Intramural Sports Membership (for outdoor sports only).
  • (Summer Quarter only) Regularly enrolled and currently registered students with a valid Husky ID card and students enrolled during the previous Spring Quarter who have purchased an IMA Student Summer Membership or have paid the Intramural Sports Membership (for outdoor sports only).

General Restrictions

  • Participants are only eligible to participate in that division of competition that represents their level of skill or competitive background. The Intramural Staff reserves the right to place teams or individuals in the appropriate division.
  • Divisions apply to Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec (gender specific rules or player ratio requirements vary by sport), and Open (no gender specific rules or player ratio requirements, recreational in nature) competition and will be offered based upon interest.
  • An individual who has participated as a professional in a sport is not eligible for intramural competition in that sport.
  • An individual may not participate under an assumed name or use false identification. NOTE: To ensure a player’s eligibility, identification may be requested at any time by the intramural staff. Individuals without valid identification may not be allowed to participate.
  • A player may participate on only one team in any of the four divisions (Co-Rec, Men’s, Women’s, or Open) in any activity during a season. A player may not transfer to another team once having participated for a team. In cases where an entire team has dropped out of competition prior to the first scheduled contest, consideration for transferring to another team may be approved. Approval must be obtained from the Intramural Coordinator.
  • The official team rosters are maintained online. The score sheet is not an official roster. A player will be declared ineligible (regardless of which team roster their name is listed on) for playing on more than one team. Any player whose name appears on a game’s score sheet will be considered to have played in that game.
  • Women are eligible to participate on a men’s team (maximum of two women per team with the exception of one for Ultimate) or in a men’s individual or doubles tournament in the event that there is no women’s division. A man wishing to participate in the women’s division must request permission from the Associate Director and may not participate in both the men’s and women’s divisions. NOTE: Individuals shall be permitted to participant in Intramural Sports events in accordance with that person’s gender identity. The individual’s gender identity will be applied when there are gender specific rules or player ratio requirements in co-rec leagues.
  • The Intramural Staff reserve the right to declare an individual ineligible for competition if their participation is considered harmful to themselves or to others.
  • The Intramural Staff may declare any individual or team ineligible for intramural competition due to misconduct or proven ineligibility. This may be done with or without a written protest from an opposing team or individual. Appeals may be made in writing to the Associate Director. In instances where a person or team is declared ineligible, entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Additional eligibility rules may apply to specific tournaments, meets, and activities. Refer to the information bulletins for those events.
  • The penalty for use of an ineligible player shall be:
    • The ineligible person shall not be allowed to participate in the specific activity involved for the remainder of the season, including the playoffs.
    • Forfeiture of all games/contests in which the ineligible person participated.
    • The team captain(s) for that team may be suspended for one game.
    • Repeat violations will result in more severe penalties to both the individual and team.

Current & Former Intercollegiate Athletes Eligibility Rules

The following eligibility rules apply to current and former intercollegiate athletes.

  • An intercollegiate athlete who is officially on a varsity squad workout list for the current year, on an Athletic Grant-in-Aid Scholarship, or is held out of competition (i.e. redshirt) is not eligible for participation in that sport.
  • A former intercollegiate athlete who wants to participate in an intramural sport in the sport in which he/she obtained varsity status must have their eligibility cleared prior to participation. Clearance may be obtained by submitting a written request to review eligibility, to the Associate Director.
  • A former intercollegiate athlete who has been declared eligible for intramural participation must participate in the highest competitive skill division offered for the sport in which they participated at the intercollegiate level.
  • No more than two former intercollegiate athletes may be listed on the same team roster for the sport in which they participated at the intercollegiate level. These individuals must be identified on the roster as former intercollegiate athletes.
  • Certain restrictions may apply regarding participation by former intercollegiate athletes in some special event activities. These restrictions will be noted in the information bulletins for those events.

High Skill Level Participants & Club Sport Member Eligibility Rules


  • High skill level participants are defined as those individuals who have excelled in a particular sport and whose participation at a low skill level would create a distinct competitive advantage over other participants. Examples include persons who have participated on off campus club/collegiate volleyball (USAVB), ultimate (USAUlt), soccer leagues, semi-professional leagues, on AAU, national, regional, or state teams.
  • Club Sport competitors are defined as those competing for their UW club team on a regular basis in tournaments and leagues. The class A and B participant who regularly works out with the team falls under this rule.

Individual participants, as defined above, must abide by the following rules to remain eligible for intramural sports participation:

  • High skill level participants and Club Sport competitors must compete in the highest intramural sport skill division offered.
  • Club Sport team members are only eligible to participate in the highest division offered for individual/dual sports competition and events in which they are club team members (e.g. Volleyball Club/Volleyball Doubles).
  • Anyone who feels they should be released from these rules may appeal in writing to the Associate Director. This appeal should state specific reasons why they should be considered eligible for intramural participation.

Retired Faculty/Staff, Spouses, Domestic Partners, Visiting Scholars Eligibility Rules

To be eligible for participation, members of retired Faculty/Staff, spouses, registered domestic partners, and visiting scholars must purchase a Quarter or Annual IMA Membership or an Intramural Sports Membership for outdoor sports only.