Workshops & Special Events


“I loved how flexible it was, the community and kindness it brings, and how much more relaxed and focused I feel after class.”

Meditation for Stress Free Living at the IMA (8-week series, Mondays 10/08 -12/03, 5:30-6:45pm)

A practice that strengthens mental attentiveness and facilitates the opportunity to step back, take inventory of the present moment, and make more skillful and empowered decisions for the sake of a more centered, peaceful, and enriched life.

During each week of this series you will:

  • Learn new meditation techniques, apply the teachings, and garner tips and tools to implement a regular meditation practice.
  • Increase mental clarity, improve academic performance, and reduce stress.
  • Sleep better, decrease worry, and alleviate unnecessary anxiety.

*No prior experience with meditation required.
**Requires active IMA/student membership.

Intro to Yoga at the IMA (4-week series, Tuesdays 10/09 -10/30, 5:30-6:45pm)

Invest in 4 weeks of knowledge building to gain alignment knowledge, a deeper understanding of yogic breathing techniques, and an opportunity to ask any and all questions related to yoga.

In this practical, experiential series you will:

  • Get a deeper understanding of the importance of your breath and explore 3-part breathing and the ocean sounding breath (ujjayi).
  • Dive into clear alignment details of standing postures, downward dog, pigeon and commonly lead backbends.
  • Break down and explore various ways to flow through vinyasa (down dog to plank to low pushup, to up dog/cobra, to down dog) based on your own body anatomy.
  • Utilize props to make particular postures more accessible and easeful.
  • Lay the foundation of vital alignment to reduce injury and increase the longevity of your practice.

*Can be taken concurrently with a regular yoga class offering.
**Requires active IMA/student membership.