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  • What Mindfulness Programs are being offered at UW Recreation?
    • Mindfulness Pass (formally UW Mindfulness Project, a program started by students to increase awareness and tools in coping with the growing mental health crisis facing college students), or Mind/Body programming at the IMA.
  • What do I bring to class?
    • Yoga mat (a non-toxic yoga mat is ideal, if you don’t own one we sell them).
    • Water bottle (to hydrate post practice).
    • Small washcloth to cover your eyes (will allow the brain to relax more during relaxation).
    • Light blanket to cover your body (will increase rejuvenation during relaxation, especially if you cool quickly).
  • What should I wear?
    • Comfortable clothing that allow for ample movement and invite ease in a seated position.
    • Although yoga is practiced barefoot socks are handy for the end of practice in order to stay warm.
  • What if I am late?
    • If you are a few minutes late to class please wait outside until the class has completed their centering (as to not disturb this process of arriving) and is in the warm up phase of the practice.
    • If you are running over 15 minutes late it is best to skip class to ensure your body remains safe.
  • What if I need to leave early? 
    • Set up your mat near the door (if there are other students already set up explain to them you need to leave early and ask them to shift over).
    • Depart the class BEFORE the teacher guides everyone into the final resting posture (as to not disturb others while they are integrating their practice).
  • What does “Namaste” mean?
    • Namaste is a Sanskrit word often used in parts of India as a greeting. It loosely translates to “The light, wisdom, heart, beauty, or grace, in me, honors the light, wisdom, heart, beauty, or grace, in you.”
  • How should I prepare? Anything else I should be mindful of?
    • Avoid eating a large meal about 1.5-2 hours before practice.
    • If you are working with a recent injury mention it to your instructor.
    • Please do not wear heavily scented colognes, perfumes, or lotions as they can be overwhelming and interfere with deep breathing during class.
  • What if I registered for a Mindfulness Pass class but need to cancel my class reservation?
    • Send an email to with your name, class name, and class date/time.
  • How can I get involved? Are there employment opportunities working for UW Recreation doing mindfulness work?
    • UW Recreation is working with students to shape the our mindfulness programming. Check the Employment Opportunities page for updated listings.
    • The UWMP RSO is a student run community on campus that is always open to new members. More info on their Facebook page.