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Fitness Instructor Bios (Summer 2017)

Meet our instructors…

Chris, TRX Instructor

Chris’s bio and photo coming soon…


Jaron, Strength & TRX Instructor

Jaron is a Sophomore at UW, and is currently studying Electrical Engineering. He spent a lot of time at the gym growing up, and was involved in Football, and Track and Field in high school. Jaron recently graduated from the F.I.T. program, and now teaches strength classes including Total Toning, and Absolute Conditioning. Outside of the IMA, he also works for Housing and Food Services in Residential Life as a Resident Adviser.

Meri, Pilates Instructor

Meri’s bio and photo coming soon…

Kat, Zumba Instructor

Kat’s bio and photo coming soon…

 Ashley, Strength Instructor

Ashley’s bio and photo coming soon…

Karen, Zumba Instructor

Karen’s bio and photo coming soon…

Emily, OULA Instructor

Emily’s bio and photo coming soon…

Danika, Strength Instructor

Danika’s bio and photo coming soon…

Meghan, Zumba Instructor

Meghan’s bio and photo coming soon…

Jaime, Indoor Cycling Instructor

Jaime’s bio and photo coming soon…


Ray, Pilates Instructor

As a dancer/choreographer/teacher, Ray discovered Pilates while dancing in NYC on Broadway.  He was certified as a Pilates Instructor in 2003 and continues to work at the Pilates Seattle International, a training center, as well as other locations in the area. Along with Pilates, Ray has worked for the past 20 years as a research assistant at the UW for studies relating to exercise with a wide variety of populations. He was one of the founding members in 1996 of the production team that produced The Festival of Men in Dance, a non profit group. In 2013, Ray completed his studies and is now a Spiritual counselor. He likes to camp, eat good food, garden, hang with his friends, read, travel and see good theater.


Alicia, Cardio , Indoor Cycling, & Strength Instructor  

Alicia is a sophomore at the University of Washington this year, majoring in biology. She is from Tacoma, Washington where she played soccer throughout middle school and high school and started doing workout videos as a New Years resolution in 2013. Interested in the FIT program at the IMA, she took classes at the beginning of her freshman year and then tried out for the program. She is now an instructor at the IMA, here to share her interest in fitness with others while having fun doing it!

Jason, Indoor Cycling Instructor

Jason’s bio and photo bio coming soon…

Teresa, Indoor Cycling Instructor

Teresa’s bio and photo coming soon…

Andrea (2)

Andrea, Cardio Dance Instructor

Andrea has been a Cardio Dance instructor at the IMA for over two years.  She has six years professional dance experience with both the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals (five years) and the National Lacrosse League’s Washington Stealth Bombshells (one year). With 20+ years experience in various dance styles, Andrea enjoys combining jazz and hip hop styles with good old aerobics in her classes.  Andrea received her BA in Psychology from the University of Washington, and in her spare time, enjoys cooking anything and everything under the sun, keeping up with social media, and watching all Seattle sports teams (especially Seahawks and Husky football!). When it comes to dance and teaching classes, she believes it’s all about giving it your 110%…go big or go home.  Expect FUN, high-energy cardio routines to a variety of upbeat music styles in Andrea’s classes.

Letty, Belly Dance & Strength Instructor

Letty’s bio and photo coming soon…


Jessica, Cardio Instructor

Jessica’s bio coming soon…

Regular subs and other instructors…


Alexa, Cardio Dance Instructor

Alexa is excited to be in her 4th year teaching cardio dance at the IMA. She spent 3 years dancing professionally for the Seattle Seahawks. As a Sea Gal, Alexa got to dance in the loud, fun atmosphere of the Seahawks stadium as well as participate in hundreds of community-wide events such as hospital visits, charity auctions, and military appreciation events. Before becoming a Sea Gal, Alexa competed nation-wide in gymnastics for over 10 years. She also studied Pointe at Pacific Northwest Ballet and other types of dance such as jazz and hip hop. Alexa is also a recent grad of the UW with a BA in accounting and a master’s in professional accounting & taxation. In her spare time, Alexa spends time with family and enjoys cooking and gardening. In her cardio dance class you’ll find a nice mix of Sea Gal-inspired dancing and aerobic exercises that will have you sweating and feeling great after a challenging but fun hour of cardio.

Stacy, Cardio Instructor

Stacy’s bio and photo coming soon…


Katherine, Strength Instructor

Katherine started out teaching high/low aerobics in the 90’s.  She has completed the F.I.T. program and now teaches Circuit Training.  Her passion for fitness was fueled by the awareness of cardiovascular disease in her family.  Her aim in class is a balanced and safe workout that progresses throughout the quarter.  She asks you to come join the fun. When not teaching, Katherine maintains a busy schedule with three active dogs and a research career in pharmacology.

 Gracia, Ballet Instructor

Gracia’s bio and photo coming soon…


 Jacque, Cardio Instructor

Jacque is going to be a sophomore at the University of Washington this coming autumn, and she is hoping to major in Informatics. She has been taking cardio kickboxing classes for the past 2-3 years, and she really likes jumping around and dancing. Her hobbies include boxing with the Husky Boxing team, running on random trails with her friends, and eating ice cream. She likes to make really bad jokes during class, so don’t mind her. Jacque is extremely excited to teach classes in the future, and to meet other people as passionate about fitness as her!

paige (2)

 Paige, Strength & TRX Instructor

Paige has been active with sports and fitness all of her life. She played volleyball, basketball, tennis, and golf in high school and went on to play volleyball in college. She coached volleyball as well. Since college, she has been an avid runner and participated in dozens of exercise classes, including boxing, interval training, circuit training, cardio kickboxing, capoeira, and yoga. She completed the UW FIT program in 2014 and is excited to share her passion for exercise and fitness with others.

Laurie, Pilates Instructor

Laurie’s bio and photo coming soon…


Melissa, Strength Instructor

Melissa received her BS in public health and her minor in nutritional sciences at UW and has always been very active and involved with fitness, exercise, and sports. As a competitive tennis player, running enthusiast, middle school fitness coach, and recent FIT 2015 graduate, she is excited to share her passions about exercise and health with her participants! Melissa aims to someday use exercise and movement to heal others as a physical therapist. She also loves to bake chocolate zucchini bread, play Call of Duty, and watch Hell’s Kitchen.


Mike, Hip Hop Instructor

Michael started off as self-taught Hip-Hop influenced dancer from Tacoma, WA. Now a UW graduate, he has also trained in ballet and modern techniques. He believes that to be the best dancer he can be, he should be versatile and push his own comfort zone. Michael is also an instructor at Velocity Dance Center and is a member of Chapter1NE and The
Beat Hippies dance crews, as well as Seattle’s Au Collective. You can look Michael up under the moniker Choreomike on Youtube where he posts class footage, class choreography and freestyles.


Kristana, Cardio, Indoor Cycling,  & Strength Instructor

Kristana graduated from the Fitness Instructor Training program in Spring 2013. Prior, she was an All-American Cheerleader and a regular in group fitness classes. She teaches cardio and cycling classes at the IMA. She is a Public Health major and is also active in Greek Life on the UW campus. Kristana is from the Greater Seattle area.

 Lauren, Indoor Cycling Instructor

Lauren’s bio and photo coming soon…

 Alysia, Indoor Cycling Instructor

Alysia’s bio and photo coming soon…

Dominique, Modern Instructor

Dominique’s bio and photo coming soon…