F.I.T. Program FAQ’s

What does the F.I.T. commitment look like?

It is a two-quarter commitment in which we meet one night per week. Towards the end of the quarter, we often add on one second practice per week. Our instructors have compared it to a 2-credit class because you will be doing assignments and studying, and putting in some practice time outside of class. You will also be asked to do some observations of our current instructors to complete your assignments.

What can I do to prepare for tryouts?

You can prepare for tryouts by going to fitness classes at the IMA, especially the fitness classes you would be teaching as a new instructor (Core Conditioning, ABSolute Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, and Total Toning.)

New this year, instructor candidates will have the opportunity to participate in our Fitness Instructor Audition Prep Course. This four-week class will meet twice weekly to prepare you for your audition day. You will work with fitness staff and instructors to learn, first-hand, what you will be evaluated on in your audition. You’ll also receive positive and constructive feedback to help you grow and succeed. Please note participation in the Fitness Instructor Audition Prep Course is not mandatory to participate the audition.

What will you be looking for at tryouts?

We look for a couple different things. If you are interested in teaching cardio, we look at how well you can teach to the beat. If you are interested in teaching strength, we look at form, especially for exercise such as squat lunges, push-ups, plank and/or bridge.

What can a student do to be successful in the F.I.T. Program?

The biggest thing is to take fitness classes before you try out. That will give you a heads up when you go to tryouts. Once you are accepted into the program, you will need to study outside of your normal classes. Depending on your background – if you have a background in anatomy or in physiology – you won’t have to study as much. If the subject matter is new to you, you will probably need to put in at least an hour, and possibly up to three hours, per week of study time outside of the F.I.T. Program classes.

Is everyone who does the F.I.T. Program hired to teach?

Unfortunately, not everybody is hired to teach. You do need to have an 80% passing rate for the first quarter in order to go on to the second quarter. And then in the second quarter, you need another 80% passing rate in order to get hired as an instructor.

When hired, how many hours per week do instructor work?

It depends on their schedule – we’re certainly flexibly. At the minimum, they would teach a 30-minute ab lab class twice per week (1-hour commitment). At a maximum, instructors would teach two different classes session per week (4-hour commitment).

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