Swimmer in Pavilion Pool lap lanes

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Aquatics Programming

Swimming and aquatics classes are offered each quarter. 

Aquatic based classes are a excellent way to stay fit no matter your age or physical fitness. It is never to late to learn to swim or sharpen your skills and enjoy this lifelong recreational pursuit.

Aquatics Classes

Deep Water Hydro Fit

Experience the benefits of exercise while in the deep end of the pool. This class will give you a dynamic total body workout without any impact. Participants should feel comfortable in deep water. Flotation gear is provided. Classes are held in the IMA Pool Diving Well.

Swimming: Beginner

This class is designed for adults who do not have any swimming skills, and/or who are not comfortable and confident in the water. Skills taught will include: being comfortable in the water, basic water safety, front and back floats, front and back streamline with kicks, turning over from front to back, elementary backstroke, introduction to front crawl (freestyle) and back crawl (backstroke). Once comfortable, swimmers will be introduced to treading water. Classes are held in the Pavilion Pool.

Swimming: Advanced Beginner

This class is designed for adults who are comfortable with basic swimming skills; you can float on your front and back and propel yourself through the water. Skills taught will include: crawl stroke (freestyle), back crawl (backstroke), treading water, side (rhythmic) breathing, and deep water safety. You will have an introduction to breaststroke in addition to reviewing elementary back and treading water. This class will help you perfect your front and back strokes, improve your distance swimming using side breathing, and safety skills in the water. Classes are held in the Pavilion Pool.

Swimming: Intermediate

This class is designed for adults who can swim at least one length (25 yards) of the pool. You should have demonstrated proficiency in front crawl (freestyle) with side breathing, back crawl (backstroke), and elementary backstroke. You should also have some knowledge of treading water. Skills taught will include: continued technique and endurance work on freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. New skills in this class include development of breaststroke, diving, and entering in the water, minimum one minute treading water, introduction to turns, and competent lap swimming. Classes are held in the Pavilion Pool.

Swim Conditioning

This class is designed for advanced swimmers who want to use swimming as a workout and improve their strokes. The class will be in a swim workout format: workouts will include a warm up, main workout, and a cool down. Workouts vary in focus from sprinting, long distance endurance, and stroke technique. Attention will be given to building endurance, stroke technique, flip turns, and dives. Swimmers should have a demonstrated knowledge of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, and breaststroke. Swimmers should be familiar with butterfly. Students should be capable of swimming at least 25 yards of each stroke comfortably and confidently. Classes are held in the Pavilion Pool.

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Aquatics based Intramural programming is also offered each quarter. 

Questions About Accessibility?

We encourage you to participate in classes, personal training, intramurals, rec clubs, or UWild Adventures. Please contact the Programs Office, (206) 543-2571 for more information.

The University of Washington makes every effort to honor disability accommodation requests.  Requests can be responded to most effectively if received as far in advance of the event as possible, preferably at least 10 business days.

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