iHDTV™ is a software suite consisting of software modules that work with commercially available components to capture, packetize and transport high-definition video in various formats over Internet Protocol networks, spanning the range of HDTV quality levels, with the goal of providing wider access to high-definition content. Developed by ResearchChannel along with the University of Washington, iHDTV™ was first demonstrated in 1999.

Since that time, the software suite been expanded to enable and expedite efficient streaming with data at rates of up to 1.5Gbps, which is sufficient to transfer uncompressed 1080i high-definition video. The iHDTV™ code is designed to require minimum overhead to achieve low latency. Its modular design can easily support new devices and flexible modes of operation, and the code is highly configurable.

The iHDTV™ project is designed to explore how research and academic endeavors — and the world in general — would change if studio-quality HD video could be sent over a general-purpose Internet. More fundamentally, the project explores the intersection of network, video and server technologies where near real-time distribution of extremely high-quality images is required.

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Contact Information
For more information about iHDTV email info@researchchannel.org.

ResearchChannel HD
Requires Windows Media Player and a connection that supports 6Mbps.