Student poster presentations & demonstrations

TIME: Sat 12:30PM-2:30PM

PLACE: Kane Hall lobby

Improving Patient Outcomes Using Nonverbal Cues: Shazia Allibhai, Department of Communication

A Real Options Approach to the Economics of Uranium Enrichment: William Ray, Department of Economics

Survey-Based Research: Christopher Towler, Sergio I. Garcia-Rios, Loren Collingwood, Hanna Walker and Kassra Oskooii, Department of Political Science

13 Ways to View a Superhero: Cody Stebbins, Annie Young, Lindsey Kornowske, Lee Organick, Honors Program

Trapped Ion Quantum Computing: Boris Blinov, Physics

Thesis Presentation – Horse Play: Courtney Kempton, Department of Mathmatics

SAGE-Software for Math Research: Alyson Deines, Department of Mathmatics

International & Transnational Task Force:  Sarah Boone, Zhenni Thomas, Gregory Johnsen, Emily Phillips.   Jackson School Journal: Sarah Boone, Julie Mendel.  Jackson School of International Studies

Hosted by University of Washington


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