Littlefield Organ Celebration

TIME: Fri 1:30PM-2:30PM

PLACE: Kane Hall, Walker Ames Room

Students of Organ Professor Carole Terry perform on the UW’s famed Littlefield Organ.

Installed in 1990, the Littlefield Organ is a tracker action organ modeled after 17th Century German and Dutch instruments. Featuring 979 pipes in 18 ranks, ranging from 10 feet in length to the size of a pencil, the organ includes nine types of wood—fir, oak, redwood, Brazilian mahogany, sugar pine, ebony, maple, poplar, and European beech. Constructed by Paul Fritts & Company Organ Builders of Tacoma, the organ is dedicated to brothers Edmund and Jacques Littlefield, whose gift to the School of Music enabled the organ’s construction.

Hosted by School of Music


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