Four Peaks pre-show

TIME: Thurs 4PM-5:30PM

PLACE: Pavilion

Three musical acts will be on stage to warm up the crowd in the hours before the live taping of the Four Peaks TV show “Hacking Edu” in the Pavilion on Red Square.

Mark Gonzales: One of the most engaging voices of a generation, Mark Gonzales has appeared on HBO’s Def Poetry, Fox News, Mun2 and NPR, and shared stages with literary, Hip Hop and academic icons across the globe.

Meklit Hadero: Joining her soul-filled phrasing to a songwriter’s craft, her music’s influences range wide – from the jazz and soul favorites she grew up on, to the hip-hop and art-rock she loves, to folk traditions from the Americas and her forebears’ East African home. Website

Gabriel Teodros: To know that another world is possible and bring it to life through music; this has always been the mission of emcee, educator and community organizer Gabriel Teodros. Website

Hosted by Dept. of Communication/UWTV


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