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Email is "weis": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "weis": 4 Faculty/Staff, 5 Students
Email contains "weis": 13 Faculty/Staff, 11 Students

Name Phone Email *

Faculty/Staff: Email is "weis"

Joseph G Weis206 685-2043
206 543-1485

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "weis"

Amy Weiss206 616-0689
206 543-7222
Leondra Weiss206 744-3869
206 459-0509
SHEILA SHAW WEISS206 598-1106weisssh@uw.edu
JEFFREY P. WEISSER206 598-6303weisser@uw.edu

Students: Email begins with "weis"

William Weisdepp253 370-7929weisdw@u.washington.edu
Madeline C Weismann408 858-5933weismm@u.washington.edu
Merle M Weissweissm11@u.washington.edu
Nicholas Eric Weiss425 577-8612weissn25@u.washington.edu
Weisen Zhao206 992-9586weisez@u.washington.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "weis"

Jon W Schweiss206 221-4896
206 553-1690
Mary Ann E. Weis206 543-4700maweis@u.washington.edu
Angela Weiss206 744-4930amweiss@uw.edu
AVERY H WEISS206 987-1461
206 987-2177
DIRK NICOLAS WEISSdnweiss@uw.edu
Jen Weiss206 221-2939jjweiss@u.washington.edu
Jennifer Weiss206 543-0462
206 543-7262
Michael D Weiss206 598-7688mdweiss@u.washington.edu
NICHOLAS T. WEISS206 685-2085drnweiss@uw.edu
Noel S Weiss206 685-1788nweiss@u.washington.edu
Peggy Weiss206 795-3039
206 616-8858
Scott J. Weissman M.D.206 884-1067scott.weissman@seattlechildrens.org

Students: Email contains "weis"

Jennifer Jean Weis253 353-0570jjweis@u.washington.edu
Kathryn Mayy Weisbeck509 842-8994kweisbk2@u.washington.edu
Rachel Catherine Weisbeckrweisb@u.washington.edu
Rachel Lindsey Weisenburger832 496-1803rweise25@u.washington.edu
Erica Louise Weismaneweisma3@u.washington.edu
Erin R Weisman206 428-8797eweis4@u.washington.edu
Jen Weiss206 445-4075jjweiss@u.washington.edu
Lauren Asuni Weisslaweiss@u.washington.edu
Paul J Weiss619 307-3853pjweiss@u.washington.edu
Spencer Joseph Weiss425 301-8989spweiss7@u.washington.edu
Stephen James Weiss360 798-0359sweissuw@u.washington.edu

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