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Email is "saki": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "saki": 1 Faculty/Staff, 1 Student
Email contains "saki": 7 Faculty/Staff, 8 Students

Name Phone Email *

Faculty/Staff: Email is "saki"

Donna S Bolima206 543-9288saki@u.washington.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "saki"

206 598-6765

Students: Email begins with "saki"

Sakin Isaq Ibrahim425 276-5953sakini@u.washington.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "saki"

NICOLE ANNE IWASAKInicosaki@uw.edu
Barbara B. Masaki206 543-1389bmasaki@apl.washington.edu
Misaki Ouchidamisakida@u.washington.edu
Robert Sasaki206 685-7554sasakirh@uw.edu
Tomikazu Sasaki206 543-6590sasaki@chem.washington.edu
HANXIANG SHIsugisaki@uw.edu
NEIL E SHIOSAKIshiosaki@uw.edu

Students: Email contains "saki"

Keri Akimi Iwasaki425 228-7028keri.iwasaki97@gmail.com
Aaron Misakian310 651-0743misakian@u.washington.edu
Misaki Ouchida206 458-4722misakida@u.washington.edu
Ayumi Tiffany Sakiyamayumisaki@u.washington.edu
Devon Richard Sasaki808 342-7802dsasaki@u.washington.edu
Hannah Midori Sasakihsasaki@u.washington.edu
HANXIANG SHI408 334-0880sugisaki@uw.edu
Alexander Justin Urasaki310 567-4671aurasaki@u.washington.edu

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